December 15, 1986 12:00 PM

We Are the World no more, as far as Michael Jackson is concerned. The singer has resigned from the board of directors of USA for Africa, the group that helped to raise $50 million for the starving on that continent. USA for Africa board members provided no public comment on the departure, but there was speculation that the singer may have been unhappy over the bureaucratic delays in distributing the funds over there.

Odd couple Dan Aykroyd and Cyndi Lauper will co-star in Columbia’s Vibes. The story is set in Peru, where the two will portray a pair of psychics who turn out to be crimebusters, not ghostbusters….

Steve Martin, who just took a wife, will soon have a new screen partner as well. He and John Candy will co-star in a John Hughes production of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, a comedy about two archrivals who must join forces to get home in time to celebrate Christmas.

During a rock concert at Hollywood’s Palace theater, the sexy lead singer in tight jeans and a tight black T-shirt stopped the show to say he hoped someone was taping that night’s episode of Moonlighting for him. “You guys are missing a good show tonight,” said Bruce Willis, who was moonlighting on a future HBO special, Bruce Willis: The Return of Bruno. During the show, Bruce does some doo-wapping, then is joined by the Temptations for a version of Under the Boardwalk. Proclaimed Otis Williams, lead singer of the Motown group, of Bruce: “The man truly has soul.”

Attorney Marvin Mitchelson is trying to speed up Marc Christian’s day in court against the estate of Rock Hudson. Though normally the case might take as long as three months to land in a courtroom, Mitchelson says the fear that his client will contract AIDS is reason enough to move the $10 million claim along. “We’re going to make a motion requesting an early trial date based on the likelihood of Christian developing AIDS,” says Mitchelson. “He was exposed to it thoroughly, and two of our doctors said he will probably develop it. No one has survived it, so we want this case resolved as soon as possible.” Christian, who in the past has admitted to testing negative for AIDS, is finishing work on his memoirs about life with Hudson, tentatively titled Between Rock and a Hard Place.

Here’s the Hollywood scenario for a power pregnancy: On Monday evening, Nov. 24, talk show co-host Cristina Ferrare was with husband Tony Thomopoulos and her children from her marriage to John De-Lorean at the Los Angeles screening of Three Amigos. A few hours later she checked into an L.A. hospital and at 6:11 p.m. Tuesday, gave birth to 8-lb., 15-oz. Alexandra. But even for new moms, the show must go on. The morning after the baby was born, Ferrare did a live segment from her hospital bed for her A.M. Los Angeles program. As it turns out, it’ll likely be her last television spot for a while. Ferrare has left the show to play mama.

Only last summer, Roxanne Pulitzer was concerned about her ex-husband Peter’s social life, wondering how he would see his masseuse-girlfriend, Hilary King, once he moved to Okeechobee County in Florida, two hours away from Palm Beach. Hey, no problem. The word is out now that Pulitzer, 56, quietly married Hilary, 35, in September. It’s her first marriage, his third.

Maxwell (The Colbys) Caulfield, 27, and wife Juliet Mills, 45, one of Tinseltown’s more legendary May-December couples, can’t seem to keep their hands off each other even while on the job. For an episode of Hotel, Caulfield plays the role of a staff gardener who deflowers a guest, played by Mills. During their steamy sex scene, Caulfield rips off Mills’s dress. Fortunately she was wearing black underwear, which he left in place. “It was a fabulous busman’s holiday,” he says. “It won’t be like watching Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson. I can promise you that.”

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