February 03, 1986 12:00 PM

After tangling with Conan the Barbarian and James Bond, warrior woman Grace Jones is getting ready to really bare her fangs. In the coming horror comedy Vamp, she stars as a nightclub owner who’s actually a vampire queen. Chris (My Bodyguard) Makepeace portrays an unsuspecting fraternity pledge who gets ensnared by Grace. Bianca Jagger was asked to play one of Jones’s cohorts, but didn’t bite at the offer. But Jones’s real-life cohort, Dolph Lundgren, will star as He-Man in a live-action Masters of the Universe movie.

Apparently no one’s more surprised about the success of Jack Nicholson’s Prizzi’s Honor than its producers. Early last year they made a deal to release the home video version of the movie this Jan. 1. Bad move. With the video now out, the film won’t be re-released after the Academy Awards—a customary and usually profitable move for Oscar-winning movies. Taking note of Prizzi’s blunder, producers of Cocoon have postponed the March release of their video. Redd Foxx might seem as surly as ever on his new self-titled ABC sitcom. But the comic claims he’s not the same man who starred in San ford and Son from 1972 to 1977. Back then, says Foxx, “I was drinking a couple of fifths of Chivas Regal and smoking three to four packs of cigarettes a day. I quit two months ago.”

Keep an eye out for Help Wanted: Kids, an ABC movie airing Feb. 2. Although Cindy (Laverne and Shirley) Williams and hubby Bill Hudson are supposed to be playing a childless couple in the film, Cindy’s wardrobe barely conceals her pregnancy. Their baby boy, already named Zachary, is due in late March.

The producers of King Kong Lives may have to look for a hefty-size model of a Jarvik-7. In their sequel to 1976’s King Kong, which starred Jessica Lange, word is the big ape is brought back to life with a heart transplant….

There’s talk: that Cher will begin recording a new album soon, using some of her own material…. and that singer Melissa Manchester is negotiating to tour in Song and Dance. Bernadette Peters continues in the role on Broadway.

His current cable-TV special, A Rockabilly Session, has put Carl Perkins back in demand. The Blue Suede Shoes composer says that Faye Dunaway asked him to score a movie to be filmed in Florida about a runaway girl in the ’50s. Dunaway, who, according to Perkins, will play the girl’s grandmother, also offered him a small role in the film. Carl didn’t hesitate. “I told her, ‘I won’t think about it. I’ll do it!’ ” Maybe he needs the money. When Dunaway asked for his phone number, Perkins scrawled it on a personal check, joking, “Try and cash that, and you’ll find out Tennessee boys are broke.”

Prepping for CBS’ new movie about the homeless, Samaritan: The Mitch Snyder Story, Martin Sheen and co-star Cicely Tyson did some first-hand research. Tyson spent a night in New York’s Grand Central Terminal dressed as a bag lady but says, “People there somehow knew I was a stranger.” Sheen had more success. He and homeless-activist Snyder sat for three hours on a grate near the Washington Monument with blankets over their heads. Reports Sheen: “A very generous man gave us 45 cents. I got a quarter and Mitch got 20 cents.” Retorts Snyder: “Martin got the quarter because he’s the star.”

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