May 19, 1986 12:00 PM

The threat of terrorism has forced Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to scrub a planned honeymoon cruise to the Mediterranean aboard the royal yacht Britannia after their July 23 nuptials. The palace won’t say where the pair is going, but it’s easy to guess where they’re not: the Caribbean island of Mustique where the Prince once romped with soft-porn starlet Koo Stark, and Barbados, site of a topless fling in 1983 with former model Vicki Hodge. One person who won’t be on the honeymoon but will be at the wedding is Joan (“I convinced Andrew to marry the tramp”) Rivers, who says she’ll be a commentator for the Today show. Rivers, who earned mixed reviews for six recent talk shows in England, hopes to do six more. (Prior, that is, to mouth-to-mouth fall combat with mentor Johnny Carson.) Princess Di won’t be on the hot seat, though. “She likes to keep our friendship separate,” cracks Joan.

In his TV spot for Renault, pitchman George C. Scott is quick to say that he’s never done a commercial before. Why now? Why else? “A million dollars,” he replies….

Steve Garvey’s new autobiography, Garvey, tells of his strikeouts at home plate. Now ex-wife Cyndy, longtime sweetie of Marvin Hamlisch, is shopping for a publisher for her tales of how Garvey fouled out at home….

Although she’s denying it, Carolina Herrera, a Jackie Onassis favorite, is rumored to be the top candidate in the who-will-design-Caroline Kennedy’s-bridal-gown sweepstakes for her July wedding to Edwin Schlossberg. The groom has already chosen funky-sportswear designer Willi Smith to dress his 10 groomsmen. A Smith spokesman is coy: “Let’s just say Ed doesn’t want to do tuxedoes.”

Dashing Anthony (Brides-head Revisited) Andrews is undaunted by re-creating Cary Grant’s role in the remake of the 1941 classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller Suspicion, which begins filming next week in England. “I don’t regard myself as stepping into his shoes because there is only one Cary Grant,” says Andrews, 39, who has never met Grant. Jane (Kate & Allie) Curtin will reprise Joan Fontaine’s Oscar-winning role as his terrorized wife.

He has a TV in his Florida death-row cell, but convicted murderer Ted Bundy did not watch NBC’s mini-series The Deliberate Stranger, which starred Mark Harmon as Bundy.

Former Laugh-In star Judy Carne, ex-wife of Burt Reynolds, has begun serving her three-month sentence for cocaine possession in a women’s maximum security prison in London. According to Bob Merrill, who co-wrote Carne’s 1985 autobiography, Laughing on the Outside, Crying on the Inside: “It’s a grim situation. They’re making an example of her. She had only $300 to $400 worth of drugs in her possession at the time of her arrest, and then put herself in the hospital. That’s not justice.”

Stork news: Newhart’s Julia (Stephanie) Duffy has given birth to a girl, Kerry; hubby Jerry Lacy is an actor….

Grandmother news: Liz Taylor, 54, is a granny for the sixth time: Daughter Liza Todd Tivey and her artist-husband Hap had Quinn C., a boy….

More royal news: Only two British royals—Princess Alexandra and the Duchess of Kent—were named in the Duchess of Windsor’s will. (Each niece receives jewelry.) The bulk of the estate was left to Paris’ Pasteur Institute, now a leader in AIDS research….

Mousketeer news: Annette Funicello, 43, has wed rancher Glen Holt, 56. It was a second marriage for both….

Headed to divorce court: the Queen’s photographer-cousin Lord Patrick Lichfield, 47, and his wife of 11 years, Leonora, 37.

The souvenir business is booming in Carmel, Calif, now that Clint Eastwood is mayor. Ironically, one of the profiteers is Paul Laub, a millionaire entrepreneur who ran against Eastwood. No sore loser, Laub is selling five Clint T-shirts at $10.95 each and donating a piece of his profits to the town’s youth projects. One of the hottest-selling T-shirts: Eastwood’s portrait in the oval frame of a dollar bill with the inscription, “In Clint We Trust.”

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