April 28, 1986 12:00 PM

One of the more intriguing aspects of David Stockman’s book, The Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed, deals not with the national debt but Ronald Reagan’s intellectual deficits. According to the former Office of Management and Budget director, the President “registers anecdotes rather than concepts.” But Stockman’s views of Reagan’s mind are more candidly discussed in a just-published book, Stockman: The Man, the Myth, the Future, by Knight-Ridder’s White House correspondent Owen Ullmann. Stockman is quoted by Ullmann assaying, “[Reagan] has a mind like a trench—narrow but deep.” The book also quotes former OMB chief economist Lawrence Kudlow, “Dave was sort of befuddled at the extent of Ronald Reagan’s political success, given, in Stockman’s view, the President’s limited intellectual capacity. The thing that Stockman never could quite figure out is, if he’s not so smart, how come he’s so damn successful politically? And I think it bothered him, because here’s Stockman, who is obviously smart, and his political future was going down the drain.”

Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon recently took shore leave from the Whitbread Round the World yacht race to shoot a music video. Directed by Russell (Highlander) Mulcahy, it’s a whodunit spoof based on a cut from the Arcadia LP. Says Le Bon, who formed a spinoff group called Arcadia last year with Duran members Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor: “Nick and Russell came up with the story while I was away on the boat, and they must have said, ‘Let’s be rotten to the guy.’ ” Le Bon is “generally mistreated” in the video, Rhodes jokes. “His forehead goes into a bowl of soup. He has the ass ripped out of his trousers by wolves. A blowpipe fires at him from a tiger’s mouth. All because he went on the boat race.” Le Bon, who’s back at sea for the final leg of the race, will be on deck in May for the first Duran Duran album to be recorded in two years….

Meanwhile, Rhodes and wife Julie have another project in development: Their first baby is due in August.

Heartthrob Mark Harmon, who once described a brief fling with Heather Locklear as “just an emotional cup of coffee,” may be brewing up something more satisfying with actress Pam (Mork & Mindy) Dawber: They’ve been dating about a month….

Barbara (Hannah and Her Sisters) Hershey will co-star with Jill Clayburgh in a movie called Shy People, to be directed by Andrei (Runaway Train) Konchalovsky. Clayburgh plays a New York Times reporter who meets a Cajun woman (Hershey) during a harrowing trip through the Louisiana backwoods….

Harry Anderson, who plays Judge Harry T. Stone on NBC’s Night Court, might justly be accused of nepotism in the May 8 episode. Six pregnant women go into labor in the courtroom and one of the babies Anderson delivers is his own newborn son, Dashiell. Boasts Papa, “Dash didn’t get any lines, but he acted circles around the other kids.”

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