August 19, 1985 12:00 PM

Might Arnold Schwarzenegger, 38, and longtime girlfriend Maria Shriver, 29, be heading for the altar? The big guy has taken Shriver home to visit his mother, who lives near Graz, Austria. Could be serious. Schwarzenegger has been making noise that he’d soon like to become a father….

Actress Debra Winger, who recently got a speeding ticket while driving Nebraska Governor Bob Kerrey’s leased 1985 Lincoln, had this to say to a radio interviewer: “I’ve never been in love with a governor before, and I don’t know all the rules yet.” A spokesman for the Gov says from now on she’ll rent her own car.

Dynasty’s new Fallon, Emma Samms, who was injured while shooting a horseback-riding scene, will be back to work, but not back in the saddle, in about three weeks. Falling when her mount stopped short of a jump, the 24-year-old actress was badly bruised and suffered a ruptured disk. Samms, who was hospitalized for more than a week in L.A., plans to leave future equestrian scenes to her stunt double.

The first two taped episodes of a new NBC sitcom called All Is Forgiven, starring Bess (High Road to China) Armstrong, may have to be scrapped. The reason: The producers are recasting the role of Bess’ TV husband, portrayed in the original episodes by Gary (WKRP in Cincinnati) Sandy. According to an insider, “The problem was with the writing of the role, not Gary’s acting.” Production has been suspended until September while the talent search continues.

Word has it that the oh-so Material Girl Madonna has renegotiated her contract with Warner Bros. Records for a whopping $8 million and is getting a good chunk of that as a cash advance.

Rocker Jimmy (Margaritaville) Buffett has submitted a script for an episode of Miami Vice, in which he would make a guest appearance. NBC officials won’t yet say whether they plan to produce Buffett’s effort….

Hanging out on the set of Hostage: Dallas was only for the strong of heart during a scene shot atop Reunion Tower in downtown Big D. The script called for Edward Albert Jr. to dangle 500 feet in the air while under attack by a helicopter piloted by Joe Don (Fletch) Baker. “They had a net under me,” says Albert, “but I was scared silly.”

Only in America: Watergate burglar-cum-novelist E. Howard Hunt plans to write a Broadway musical drama inspired by the Claus von Bülow story, though he’ll change the names to protect the acquitted. The male lead is named André de la Roche, his mistress is Roxana and his comatose wife is Sandra. “The story is told by a medium brought in by the vegetating wife’s distraught son,” says Hunt. “The revelations of the crime are made by the medium.” Although Sandra appears healthy in a few flashback sequences, for most of her scenes she’ll be in a hospital bed hooked up to a life-support monitor. Adds Hunt: “Her reactions to what’s happening onstage will be indicated on a monitor.”

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