July 29, 1985 12:00 PM

During a visit to her dentist, Heather (T.J. Hooker) Locklear confessed she had a sweet tooth—for a fellow patient, drummer Tommy Lee of the band Mötley Crüe. They had met in the waiting room on an earlier visit, and when even novocaine failed to numb Heather’s amorous feelings, she asked the dentist to give Tommy her phone number. A few days later he called her. The pair have been dating for more than a month, now. At a recent taping of Mötley Crüe’s video Smokin’ in the Boys Room, Heather met Lee’s mother, who had some sound advice for her son: “Be a good boy and treat her like a lady.”

Chuck Napier, who as the sinister government agent in Rambo sends Sly Stallone to Southeast Asia to find American POWs, will be fielding more conventional soldiers in a film based on the life story of William Westmoreland. Napier will produce the film and play the general, who, he says, “is really not a bad guy.”…

The casting department for CBS’ Dallas is denying published reports that Diana Ross is coming to Southfork this fall to romance J.R. Word is that Sue Ellen (played by Linda Gray), who ended the season on a drinking binge, will reappear next fall in jail.

Newcomer Jason Gedrick figures he’ll earn his wings in the upcoming feature film The Iron Eagle, co-starring Lou Gossett Jr. Gedrick, 20, plays a high school senior whose fighter-pilot father is shot down over the Middle East. Gedrick and Gossett stage a heroic rescue mission—each flying an F-16 jet. While on location in Israel, Gedrick will fly in a real F-16, provided by the Israeli government, but a professional pilot will be at the controls. “My biggest worry,” admits Gedrick, “is getting through the scene without becoming sick.”

Although Gregory Harrison plans to hang up his stethoscope as Gonzo Gates on the CBS series Trapper John, M.D. (his final episode will air this coming season), he will co-star in a real-life delivery-room drama this winter. Wife Randi (CHiPs) Oakes is four months pregnant. Based on his six years’ experience as a TV doctor, “I’ve got just enough information to be dangerous,” says Harrison, who will be delivering his first child with the help of a professional midwife. Not to worry, Randi. Says Gregory: “I’m going to be taking some classes.”

Charlie (Red Dawn) Sheen got a little carried away while playing a psychopathic Hollywood drifter in the soon-to-be-released The Boys Next Door. To look the part Sheen, 19, went to a seedy Hollywood tattoo shop and had a multicolored dragon permanently printed on his shoulder. His actor dad, Martin, “was less than thrilled,” says Charlie. “He said, ‘You’re mutilated.’ I said, ‘I’m decorated.’ ” Already forced to conceal his elaborate design with makeup for his upcoming movie, Lucas, in which he plays a high school football star, Charlie isn’t planning to further adorn his body with artwork. “One tattoo spells curiosity,” he says. “Two spells complete ignorance.”

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