December 09, 1985 12:00 PM

Actors and actresses often use body doubles for nude scenes, but few, if any, have ever required a stand-in for a fried chicken advertisement. Until now. Church’s Fried Chicken, planning a tie-in with Rocky IV, was given photos of Sylvester Stallone to use to make life-size cutouts for display in Church’s outlets. Reportedly, however, the pictures didn’t work for a planned TV advertisement, so—according to Los Angeles body builder Les Sanzone—Church’s ad agency made a composite of Stallone’s head and Sanzone’s body to use in a poster that appears in the commercials. Says Sanzone, “I’m flattered.”

Richard Burton’s brother, Graham Jenkins, has signed a deal with Macmillan to write a memoir about the late actor. Word is that the publisher, not surprisingly, wants Elizabeth Taylor to write the foreword….

Mariette (Goodnight Beantown) Hartley is trying out a one-woman show in L.A. this week. If it flies, it will head toward Broadway—but that’s always a bumpy and unpredictable flight….

The Rev. Robert Schuller’s splendiferous Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif. always has plenty of camels, horses and sheep in its Christmas show. This year it will also have Debby (You Light Up My Life) Boone as Mary and former Disney standby Dean (That Darn Cat) Jones as a shepherd.

Harold Robbins’ latest novel, The Storyteller, tells of a young writer who fights his way out of poverty into a life of, in the publisher’s words, “glitter, self-indulgence and the easy sex that comes in the wake of success.” The book, Robbins modestly confesses, is also “largely autobiographical.” But don’t get him wrong; his life isn’t without its trials. Lately, for example, Robbins has had difficulty selling his books to Hollywood. Perhaps not co-incidentally, he says he is planning to write a book about studio executives called The Piranhas.

And now for something completely different: Jeffrey Jones, who was memorable as Austrian Emperor Joseph II in Amadeus, will pop up next as a dean of students tracking Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The ex-emperor gets chomped by a rottweiler….

Karen Grassle, who was Caroline Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie, will play Elizabeth Montgomery’s little sister in the TV movie Between the Darkness and the Dawn. The only-in-Hollywood plot has Montgomery drop into a coma for 20 years, only to wake up and discover that her impatient boyfriend has married Grassle….

Dozens of female impersonators will populate a February TV special featuring Milton Berle, the godmother of video drag. Berle, in a surprise move, says he won’t don women’s clothing but “will make one appearance as Boy George.”

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