By Rebecca Bricker
Updated July 08, 1985 12:00 PM

The love life of Apollonia (Purple Rain) Kotero, last seen on this page with General Hospital’s Kevin Bernhardt, is turning into a soap opera itself. Though her standard line regarding her romances, including one with Prince, is “I don’t kiss and tell,” her best-kept secret is out. Apollonia, 25, recently filed for divorce from Greg Patschull, 29, an aspiring actor and martial artist who runs a karate studio in San Pedro, Calif. “We got married Feb. 16, 1980,” says Patschull. “We kept our marriage a secret when she got the part in Purple Rain. She wanted me to stay in the background. I figured it was about time to let people know that I do exist.” On their first date, in August 1979, he says, “We went out to dinner and she proposed to me.” It wasn’t really love at first sight, though. “We both grew up in San Pedro,” Patschull recalls. “Before I went into the service, I remembered her as a fat little girl with blond hair. But by the time I came home, she had really blossomed.”

In the Steven Spielberg movie Back to the Future, opening this week, check out the geeky teacher who’s in charge of auditioning bands for the school dance. It’s rocker Huey Lewis, whose own group, Huey Lewis and the News, performs two songs on the movie’s sound track. Lewis, who doesn’t receive screen credit for his cameo, is uncharacteristically unhip when he interrupts the audition of Michael J. Fox’s raucous band. “Sorry, fellows,” says Huey. “I’m afraid you’re just too darn loud.”…Grammy-winner James (Yah Mo B There) Ingram will portray himself on the July 8 episode of General Hospital. He’ll perform his song She Loves Me during a telethon for underprivileged children in G.H.’s fictional town, Port Charles. (What, you say you never knew there were underprivileged children in Port Charles?) After taping the segment, Ingram confessed, “I fumbled a couple of times. I have no burning desire to act.”

Dallas’ Jenilee Harrison, 26, has an eye for a good sport. Harrison, whose romance with L.A. Rams guard Dennis Harrah is in the dead-end zone, is now hitting it off with California Angels slugger Reggie Jackson, 39….

The limited-edition memoirs of British journalist and former Beatles publicist Derek Taylor will arrive in the U.S. soon, and the key word is “limited.” Only 2,000 copies of the 650-page book, Fifty Years Adrift, edited by former Beatle George Harrison, were printed and less than 300 copies will be available here. One deterrent may be the price: $350 per copy….

If Gary Hart wins the Presidency in 1988, there are sure to be a few jokes about the rustic retreat he just purchased for $170,000 some 30 miles west of Denver. The property, which would become the new Western White House, is located in an area called Troublesome Gulch.

“I keep turning down parts because of nudity,” says Valerie Bertinelli, who made a small concession for her first feature film An Ordinary Guy, a remake of the 1945 movie Pride of the Marines, which starred John Garfield and Eleanor Parker. In one love scene with co-star Richard Dean Anderson, Bertinelli appears topless, but only in silhouette. “It was very tastefully done,” says Bertinelli. “I told the director, ‘If I see any nipples, I’m getting my uncle in the Mafia to come after you.’ ” Filming the scene went without a hitch—well, almost. During rehearsal, a surprise visitor showed up on the set: Bertinelli’s husband, Eddie Van Halen. “He was pretty cool,” says Bertinelli. “His advice to me has been: ‘Honey, sooner or later, you have to show some tit.’ ”