By Rebecca Bricker
June 17, 1985 12:00 PM

British actor Antony Hamilton, 30, who replaced Jon-Erik Hexum in the recently shelved CBS series Cover Up, has been talking with producer Albert “Cubby” Broccoli about replacing Roger Moore, 57, as James Bond. Broccoli hasn’t tendered an offer, says Hamilton, who claims to be undecided about stepping into the role. “It all depends on how Cubby Broccoli conceives the new Bond,” contends Hamilton. Some reviews of the latest Bond flick, A View to A Kill, have suggested that Moore is getting too old to play the dashing secret agent.

Despite persistent rumors that newlyweds Cristina Ferrare, 35, and ABC Broadcast Group President Tony Thomopoulos, 47, are expecting, a source close to the couple maintains, “There are no baby programmers in the making—at least not yet.” Cristina has acknowledged her recent weight gain, saying, “I’m not pregnant. I’m just fat….”

Billy Joel, who recruited wife Christie Brinkley for his videos Uptown Girl and Keeping The Faith, isn’t the only rocker who has an eye for model talent. In Bruce Springsteen’s new video, Glory Days, his cover girl bride, Julianne Phillips, makes a cameo appearance as his wife….

Maureen Staple-ton has been cast in the film Heartburn, based on Nora Ephron’s thinly veiled best-seller about the breakup of her marriage to Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein. Stapleton will play mother to Meryl Streep, who’s the jilted wife; Mandy Patinkin is the unfaithful husband…. The producers of Clue, a comedy-suspense movie based on the popular board game, are planning to shoot at least four different endings to keep whodunit a mystery. There’s even talk of releasing each of the various versions in different parts of the country…. Saucy scribe Diana McLellan, who pens the syndicated “Ear on Washington” column, is dishing up a novel about a gossip columnist. Do stay tuned, dearies, as Madame Earie would say.

In the next Disney movie My Science Project, Dennis Hopper plays a high school teacher whose students discover a time machine. Taking his part to heart off-camera, Hopper, 49, tutored his much younger co-stars on such ancient-history topics as the making of his 1969 counterculture hit Easy Rider and his association in the early ’50s with James Dean. “I was shocked to find out that Dennis was in Rebel Without a Cause,” says Danielle von Zerneck, 19, who plays one of Hopper’s students. “I’ve seen the movie but I don’t remember Dennis.” (Hopper, then 19, appeared intermittently as a character named Goon.) Danielle found Hopper’s discourses more memorable. She says, “There was a book on the set about James Dean. He went through it with us, telling us stories. He knew all the photos. He’d say, ‘Man, I remember when that picture was taken.’ I couldn’t believe it.” Time has no mercy for an aging hippie.

Former George Washington University basketball player Kevin Peter Hall, who stands 7’2″, stars in a new NBC series called Misfits of Science, to debut this fall. Hall plays a scientist who has developed a serum that enables him to shrink to seven inches. To achieve this effect, oversize props and clothing are used. Says Hall: “The buttons on my shirt are the size of my head and the inseam of my pants is about 14 yards long.” Hall is no newcomer to freakish roles, mostly as monsters in horror flicks. He says, “I played a deformed mother bear with deformed baby bears in The Prophecy.” Perhaps his most forgettable creature credit is the as-yet-unreleased Monster in the Closet, made in 1983. Explains Hall: “I play a gay monster who comes out of the closet and drags the lead actor off to San Francisco.” By comparison, he figures, “Nowadays things are definitely looking up for me.”