August 13, 1984 12:00 PM

Every actress who could carry a tune and do a two-step wanted the part, but newcomer Alyson Reed is the one: She’ll be Cassie in the film version of A Chorus Line when director Richard Attenborough (Gandhi) starts filming this fall. Reed, 26, is best known for seductively cooing and hoofing in the title role in last season’s Broadway flop musical Marilyn, and she also played Cassie on the road. Before the movie producers decided to go for a younger Cassie, strong contenders included Lesley Ann Warren (Victor/Victoria), whose longtime sweetheart, Jeff Hornaday, is choreographing the film, and Ann Reinking (Annie), who did Cassie on Broadway. Reinking’s co-star in All That Jazz, Vicki Frederick, also a Broadway Cassie, will play tart-tongued Sheila in the film.

Burt Reynolds’ latest starring and directorial effort, Stick, with Candice Bergen, was yanked from its scheduled Aug. 17 release when the serious inner ear infection afflicting Burt prevented him from making a final cut of the movie. But there will still be plenty else to see then: Eight movies, including Clint Eastwood’s Tightrope, Sheena with Tanya Roberts and Dreamscape with Kate Capshaw, are opening on the Aug. 17 weekend as Hollywood lets loose with its post-Olympic barrage.

Emilio Estevez, son of Martin Sheen, starts work soon on That Was Then, This Is Now, an S.E. Hinton (Tex, The Outsiders) novel that Estevez adapted for the screen. The fledgling screenwriter jokingly boasts, “Penn, Cruise and Dillon [Sean, Tom and Matt], those guys can all go write screenplays, but I did it first. I mean, they’re all my friends, but I did it first.” In Repo Man, his last release, Estevez had a crucifix dangling from his pierced ear. While shooting The Breakfast Club, due in December, he let the hole grow over. For That Was Then, Emilio had to have the ear re-pierced. “The guy put the needle gun right where the hole had been and just blew the scar tissue away. It really hurt,” he moans. This time he’ll sport a diamond stud and a gold skull and crossbones in the hardworking ear.

Gimme the bread, said Nell Carter, holding out on the producers of her NBC show, Gimme a Break, for a month until they agreed to her salary demands. Nell, who was making $30,000 per episode last season, now will receive about $45,000 per show. She had the producers over a barrel since, with co-star Dolph Sweet in bed recovering from abdominal surgery, they couldn’t shoot around her, even though Nell, after her second major dieting effort in two years, is a lot easier to get around.

ABC is hoping to put some oomph into its low-rated Loving soap by adding the new Miss America, Suzette Charles, to the cast in October, when her brief reign is over. She’ll play a fashion model. Meanwhile, ABC’s soap hunks are stampeding to cash in on their suds’ popularity with posters. Proving he is more than just a pretty face, Steve Bond, who plays Jimmy Lee Holt on General Hospital, whipped off his shirt to display his impressive chest and triple-ripple stomach muscles for a full color poster, which the network and the Class Publications poster company will release later this month. Five other heartthrobs will also be pinups, their posters selling at $3.50 each: GH’s Brian Patrick Clarke, All My Children’s Laurence Lau and Michael Knight, Ryan’s Hope’s Grant Show and One Life to Live’s Robert S. Woods. Sorry, skin fans, they’re all wearing shirts, though Show’s is unbuttoned.

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