By Rebecca Bricker
Updated July 30, 1984 12:00 PM

Melanie Griffith, who was once dismissed from an audition for director Brian De Palma’s 1976 movie Carrie because she wouldn’t kiss an actor she didn’t know, has come a long way. In De Palma’s upcoming film Body Double, Griffith plays a Hollywood porn queen. “It’s going to be a hot, provocative movie,” promises the film’s producer, Howard Gottfried. Despite speculation, Gottfried insists “It’s going to be an R,” not an X. “That’s what we’re contractually committed to do.” Even so, a controversial scene in which Griffith’s character masturbates is “still in the script. It’s part of the movie. But it’s very elegant.” Though Melanie seems to have overcome her inhibitions, one scene in which she comes on to a male stranger outside her dressing room required no compromise of principles. The actor is Melanie’s husband, Steven (Scar-face) Bauer.

At the other end of the osculation scale from Melanie is connoisseur Cybill Shepherd. She reports that some of her celebrated onscreen lovers are dud smoochers. Not being the kiss-and-tell type, however, she won’t name them. She does say that she and Gregory Harrison, her co-star in the currently filming CBS movie Seduced, are in lip synch. “It’s fun doing love scenes with Gregory,” Cybill says. “He’s not only a fine actor but also a very good kisser. I wish I could say that about all of my leading men.” She quickly adds that Sam Elliott, her love interest on The Yellow Rose, also passed the pucker test. Not that it helped the ratings—NBC canceled the series.

Anybody who missed playwright Harvey Fierstein’s Tony-award-winning, semiautobiographical performance as a drag queen in Torch Song Trilogy will be disappointed to learn he is hemming and hawing about taking the role in the film version. Says Fierstein: “First I want to see how I come through in Garbo Talks,” the upcoming Sidney Lumet film in which Harvey plays a salesman. Meantime Harvey is contemplating possible Torch Song co-stars. Word is that Anne Bancroft would like to play Harvey’s Jewish mother, and that Harrison Ford is interested in the role of Harvey’s lover, Ed. Evidently, though, Harvey has a juicier fantasy than playing opposite Indiana Jones. “I want Richard Chamberlain,” he jokes. “I’ve always wanted to play Dr. Kildare’s lover.”

Warren Beatty, who hasn’t appeared on the big screen since his 1981 film Reds, has been eyeing some vintage material. In recent weeks he has twice visited Paramount’s New York offices to view the 1939 film Love Affair starring Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne, and to see its 1957 remake, An Affair to Remember, with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. Could a third Affair be in the offing?

It’s nice to know that despite fame and fortune, Dynasty’s Joan Collins doesn’t take herself too seriously. At least not in her native Britain, where she has done a series of pratfalling TV commercials for Cinzano Vermouth. In the latest, British character actor Leonard Rossiter, playing Joan’s husband, introduces Japanese businessmen to “a traditional European drinking ritual.” Rossiter then trips on a tiger’s-head rug and spills his drink all over Joan’s dress. The Japanese nod to one another and follow Rossiter’s example, dousing Collins with their cocktails. Lucky for Joan it wasn’t Japan’s traditional beverage, hot sake.