July 09, 1984 12:00 PM

Sarah Douglas, 31, who plays Queen Taramis in Conan the Destroyer, was anxious to see her love scene with co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger on the big screen but was dismayed to discover at a screening of the film that all of their lovemaking had been deleted—along with scenes in which she seduces a statue, sacrifices a virgin and slaps around Wilt Chamberlain (who plays a warrior named Bombaata). Says Sarah of the cuts, “Obviously, the producers did it for the [PG] rating.” Bedding Schwarzenegger, 36, she reports, was no PG encounter: “There was a lot of grease and sweat and flailing legs. It was a good, raunchy scene.” Douglas hopes to get more workouts between the sheets in her second season of Falcon Crest. “I guess I’ll have to do it with poor old David Selby,” says Sarah of the actor who plays her boss, Richard Channing. “But he’s not as much fun as Arnold.”

When Catherine (Dukes of Hazzard) Bach married contractor David Shaw (now her ex) in 1976, she fainted during the ceremony. While modeling bridal gowns during a magazine photo session not long ago, Catherine passed out again. “Putting on a wedding dress knocked me out,” says Bach, 30, who is engaged to Robert Shields (divorced from mime partner Lorene Yarnell), but she is mum about their wedding date. Jokes Catherine, “I’m not sure I can go through with this. Maybe God is telling me to get myself to a nunnery.”

For some, at least, there is life after porn. Paul Barresi, 35, who, having appeared in Hustler and more than 50 adult movies, is now making $80,000 a year as a Beverly Hills fitness trainer. His clients include Joyce DeWitt, Johnny Mathis and Johnny Carson’s attorney, Henry Bushkin. Barresi was first exposed to G-rated celebrity when he was hired last year as a trainer for John Travolta’s dance and workout company. But he was fired three months later when Travolta’s head trainer, who manages the company, learned of his X-rated past. Nonetheless John remains friendly with Paul, who will make his legit film debut in Travolta’s health club film, Perfect! He might even bare a little flesh in the locker-room and shower scenes.

George Wendt, best known as the portly, suds-swilling Norm on NBC’s Cheers, gripes, “I always play a jolly fat guy. I wanted to play a scuzzy character for a change.” Scuzzy is the right word for Wendt’s role in the comedy film Fletch, based on Gregory McDonald’s mystery novel. Chevy Chase plays an undercover reporter who is investigating drug traffic at the beach. Wendt plays Fat Sam, the sleazy proprietor of an oceanside hamburger stand, which the film crew constructed on the beach near the Santa Monica pier. “The hamburger stand was right on the bicycle path,” says Wendt. “The morning we were shooting, joggers and bicyclists came by and wanted to buy Cokes and Pepsis.” Not being recognized may have been hard to swallow, but Wendt found his on-camera diet even harder to stomach. Says George, “I don’t really like hamburgers. I’m more of a hot dog man.”

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