Take One

Jailbird chic is definitely out on ABC’s Dynasty despite Joan Collins’ protests about her wardrobe during her current five-episode incarceration. (Her character, Alexis Carrington, has been charged with murdering tennis pro Mark Jennings.) According to Nolan Miller, the show’s clothes designer, Collins complained about the plain, loose-fitting smock she wears during her prison scenes. Referring to British-born actress Ida Lupino, who was thrown behind bars in the 1955 film Women’s Prison, Collins argued that “Ida would have insisted on a custom-made garment.” Responded Miller, “Not on this show.” Countered Joan, “Well, perhaps if I hike the skirt, wear high heels and cinch the dress in at the waist with a belt, it won’t look so bad.” Miller offered no reprieve. “This is what you’re wearing,” he said, “with flats.”

The question isn’t whether blondes have more fun, it’s whether they’re more employable. According to former brunette Tanya (Sheena) Roberts, “I missed out on so many jobs in the past to blondes that I know they get more work.” Roberts, who is blond in the next James Bond flick, A View to a Kill, plans to keep her tresses golden. “I often felt it was a mix-up that made me a blue-eyed brunette anyway. So now once a week I help nature straighten things out by dyeing my hair. It’s a communal job—my husband, Barry, helps me….”

Even though he isn’t blond, Roberts’ leading man, Roger Moore, won’t have to look for work after the Bond film wraps. He’s planning to produce two features based on his old TV series, The Saint. Moore says he won’t reprise his role as Simon Templar, but has yet to find a suitable replacement.

Some guys have a hard time admitting they’re married. Take Gregory (Trapper John, M.D.) Harrison. Though it’s no secret that Harrison and actress Randi (CHiPs) Oakes have been an item ever since they met while taping the 1980 Battle of the Network Stars, Harrison has always been vague about their wedding plans. Then a curious thing happened: Earlier this year, Randi reportedly sued for divorce. The two have since reconciled, and on the November 2 installment of Hour Magazine, Harrison will tell all. When pressed by the show’s host, Gary Collins, during a taping, Harrison confessed, “Randi and I have been married for three and a half years didn’t tell anyone.” He denies he kept his marriage quiet to preserve his heartthrob image. Now that the word is out, Harrison says he and Randi are planning a “real” wedding. True to form, he’s not saying when.

Ralph (The Karate Kid) Macchio may be 22, but his boyish appearance caused some consternation for Season Hubley, 33, his co-star in the ABC movie Billy Grier, Billy Grier, to air November 1. Macchio plays a 15-year-old afflicted with a rare disease that rapidly ages youngsters. Hubley portrays a 28-year-old woman who becomes romantically involved with Macchio, believing him to be 33. Says Hubley, “By the time I got to the set each day, Ralph was an old man.” So much so that she twice embarrassed herself by failing to recognize him off the set without makeup. Explains the actress, somewhat sheepishly, “He looks younger than my 16-year-old nephew.”

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