September 10, 1984 12:00 PM

After scooping up three medals at the Olympics, blond gymnast Julianne McNamara, 18, has vaulted into acting with a cameo role on CBS’ new comedy series, Charles in Charge, starring Scott (Joanie Loves Chachi) Baio. Playing an aspiring cheerleader, she does a back flip for her entrance and exits performing leg kicks any cheerleader would envy. The best part of the scene, according to Baio: “She kisses me on the cheek, hope we ask her to come back on the show. I just flipped over her.”

The mystery of who doubles for various portions of Linda Evans in the premiere of ABC’s Glitter has been solved. In the September 13 opener of the new series about a personality magazine, the Glitter staff (and viewers) get to see only the legs and bod of a mystery cover subject until the end of the episode, when the final cover shows the real Evans. Linda’s legs were played by Anna Leigh London, who was recently seen in her entirety on NBC’s I Gave at the Office. The actress posing as Linda during the photo session is Quin Kessler, 25, who says, “Two years ago I met Linda, and she agreed we looked alike.” London claims no such similarity: ” I have tiny legs and feet that don’t look anything like Linda’s. I have a size 4 foot. Linda is a beautiful woman, but I think her feet are a size 8 or 8½.” Well, it was almost a Cinderella story.

UCLA has signed up Bill Conti, the Oscar-winning composer whose credits include The Right Stuff and Dynasty, to write a new fight song for the Bruins, who have fought to the Sons of Westwood for almost 25 years. Conti is singularly qualified in the rah-rah genre: He recently scored The Bear, a feature film about the late University of Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant (played by Gary Busey)…

Good Grief! Snoopy is dressing up as Mr. T and Boy George for a new line of dolls, called Mr. S and Boy Snoopy, that will go on sale this fall at $25 each. The comic-strip canine is also negotiating a doll deal with Michael Jackson, sequined glove and all.

Memorizing his lines wasn’t a problem for Richard Libertini, who plays a swami in the soon-to-be-released film All of Me, starring Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin. Libertini’s Far Eastern character doesn’t understand English, so he simply repeats what’s said to him—with one notable exception. Director Carl Reiner and Libertini invented an all-purpose word to adlib during awkward pauses: “nyhim” (pronounced nim), which, according to Libertini, means “Hello, goodbye, I’m sorry, I think socialism is on the decline in Scandinavia and I thought the second act of the play was weak.” Nyhim may not be in Webster’s, but Libertini predicts, “You’ll find it in the new Tibetan Funk & Wagnalls.”

When the director called for “action” on the set of NBC’s Miami Vice recently, the star of the new series, Don Johnson, got more action than he bargained for. Johnson plays a vice cop who lives on a boat in Miami’s harbor with a pet alligator named Elvis, and he was supposed to take Elvis for a walk along the pier. Instead, the 350-pound alligator decided to go for a swim. It took six trainers to pull the gator out of the drink. Though Elvis finished the scene, one more plunge could dry-dock him. The producers have in reserve an alligator named Presley.

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