March 12, 1984 12:00 PM

Bryan Brown, married to his Thorn Birds co-star, Rachel Ward, has made it clear he’s not crazy about his wife’s steamy nude scenes with Jeff Bridges in the just-released Against All Odds. But according to the film’s director, Taylor (An Officer and a Gentleman) Hackford, “She was very pleased with the result.” He adds, “Ultimately, every actor or actress has certain requests regarding nude scenes. I never felt that anything Rachel asked me to do compromised the scenes. She didn’t give me any trouble.” Rachel, however, may give Playboy magazine a ton of trouble for publishing, in its current issue, photos taken from footage of the 1981 R-rated horror flick Night School, in which she also appeared in the altogether. Presumably that’s one nude scene Rachel, who’s expecting her first child in September, would sooner forget.

In her upcoming autobiography, Knock Wood (Linden Press), Candice Bergen’s revelations include the admission that she often associated with Black Panthers in the early 1970s as a result of her romance with a film producer whom she describes as “a Robin Hood from New Rochelle.” Candice writes, “In deference to his privacy, I will call him ‘Robin’ here.” She goes on to tell how Robin received a gold panther ring from Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton, who considered the producer his “white brother.” Curiously, Bergen’s concern about protecting Robin’s identity follows years of candor about him. In a 1975 interview, for example, she discussed the breakup of her romance with the same producer, Bert (Easy Rider) Schneider, this way: “There had never been anyone like him in my life, and I can’t imagine there ever will be.” But that was before her marriage in 1980 to French director Louis Malle, who may feel tardy discretion is better than none at all.

When word leaked out that the producers of ABC’s Three’s Company were planning to drop Joyce DeWitt and Priscilla Barnes from the show and add a potential wife for co-star John Ritter, one blond bombshell was interested in the role—Suzanne Somers. Now you’ll recall that Suzanne came to stardom as Chrissy on the series. Later she sued its producers for several million dollars after a contract dispute resulted in her dismissal in 1981. Suzanne lost the suit, but her husband-manager, Alan Hamel, apparently holds no grudge. According to an informed source, Hamel called Ted Bergman, head of the show’s production company, to suggest Suzanne for the role of Ritter’s new love. Bergman, who reportedly wasn’t enthusiastic about the idea, informed Hamel that newcomer Mary Cardorette had already been cast in the part. And on the revamped series, three’s definitely a crowd.

Kim Delaney, 21, the recently married Jenny on ABC’s All My Children, has taken a shine to weddings. At the time of her on-air nuptials last month, she claimed to have no real-life steady. But now Kim is engaged to Charles Flohe, 26, who plays Preacher on ABC’s Edge of Night…

At the other end of the marriage spectrum, although he is still struggling to untie the knot with third wife Joanna, Johnny Carson, 58, has already made a big investment for his new romance, Alex Mass, 30ish, whom he has been dating for several months. Johnny has just purchased and furnished a million-dollar condo in the Westwood section of L.A. for her to live in.

Adrian Zmed, who is cast as Vince Romano on T.J. Hooker, has turned singer for an album tentatively titled What a Night, and he’s already lined up plenty of exposure for it. Adrian, in the guise of a male stripper on the March 10 Hooker episode, will take off everything but his briefs to the tune of one of his own songs, called Run Girl Run. With luck, the title isn’t an indication of the effect Zmed’s performance will have on his female viewers.

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