By Rebecca Bricker
August 22, 1983 12:00 PM

If you’ve been wondering what Uncle Sam would look like with a haircut like Mr. T’s, just check out NBC’s upcoming A-Team commercial, which also features a poodle with a T-cut. Of the 46 people who appear in the promo spot, most actually shaved their heads, Mandinka-style—a request NBC made of all prospective applicants. Apparently the network had a harder time recruiting older folks for the commercial and gave them the option of wearing wigs (baldies got to wear paste-ons). The cut was no problem, though, for 23-year-old aspiring actress Heidi Hutton (Tim’s sister), who plays the bride in the commercial’s wedding scene. She has been sporting the Mandinka she unveils during the ceremony for nine months.

Just what we need—another celebrity exercise book. Simon & Schuster has signed James Caan to write a fitness guide for people in high-powered jobs who want maximum results from minimal workout time…In the celebrity beauty book department, S&S has lined up Jaclyn Smith to do a complete beauty guide. Jaclyn’s will be the definitive modern-day tome on make-up, hair, fashion, color, etc., due out in the fall of 1984. Can you wait?… Dancer turned writer Ronald Reagan, 24, is negotiating to write a piece on one of his favorite subjects: the Reagan family’s roots. Well, that’s one way to get a paid vacation to Ireland.

The bi-coastal romance between Malibu-based Lynda (Wonder Woman) Carter and Washington, D.C. attorney Robert Altman, 36, is heating up. “It’s serious,” allows Altman, who’s a protégé of former Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford. “I’m crazy about Robert,” gushes Lynda, who divorced former manager Ron Samuels last year. Carter and Altman met at a Memphis dinner party last fall. Lynda recalls, “I don’t think he knew much about my career. He’s so busy he doesn’t have much chance to watch TV.” Bet Robert won’t miss a CBS movie to air this fall, called Rita Hay worth: The Love Goddess, starring his favorite leading lady.

She has given regal performances as Mary, Queen of Scots and Camelot’s Guinevere, but Vanessa Redgrave’s upcoming portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in the Italian comedy Sing-Sing might have gotten her beheaded in less liberal times. Redgrave plays the Queen as a middle-class housewife in curlers who scrambles her own eggs and drinks whiskey. Co-star Enrico Montesano plays a mechanic who claims to be the Queen’s son and hides in her bed-chamber—an obvious spoof of Michael Fagan’s real-life bedside encounter with the Queen last year. Asked why she took the role, given her reputation for serious drama, Redgrave replied, “The script aroused my curiosity and amused me. Why shouldn’t I have accepted it?” Guess she won’t be playing the Palace soon.

One of the biggest mysteries shrouding the set of Knots Landing is how CBS plans to resuscitate Lisa Hartman, a/k/a Ciji, the blond bombshell singer who got bumped off the show last season by an unidentified murderer. Viewers didn’t like that, so scriptwriters have been busily concocting Lisa’s reincarnation. Farfetched though it may be, here’s the scenario: Lisa reappears as Cathy Gear, an amiable, gum-chewing brunette who works as a check-out girl at the local 7-Eleven. Gary Ewing (played by Ted Shackelford) notices that Cathy’s a dead ringer, so to speak, for his late lady-love and tries to transform Cathy by buying her flashy clothes, paying for her singing lessons and persuading her to dye her hair blond. After all that, let’s hope the Knotty Killer doesn’t shop at 7-Eleven.