August 08, 1983 12:00 PM

Peter Lawford, once a member of Frank Sinatra’s clique of cronies called the Rat Pack, is reportedly ready to rat on Ole Blue Eyes, the Pack and the Mafia. Lawford’s autobiography, which an agent is peddling to publishing houses, will be ghosted by Wayne Warga, author of the biography on astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. and a future book on Natalie Wood that he’s working on with her sister, Lana. Meanwhile, Lawford is said to be collaborating with Kitty (Jackie Oh!) Kelley on her Sinatra tome. Says Kelley, who claims she has interviewed Lawford twice, “I’m not going to do the slammer job that Lawford is going to do on Sinatra. I’m a fan.”

Joan Collins, the dastardly diva on ABC’s Dynasty, apparently will be cloned. When Falcon Crest’s new season begins next month, Sarah Douglas, 30, the super witch Ursa of Superman II, will appear as the villainous Pamela Lynch which insiders are calling the “Joan Collins” role. “Joan Who?” jests Douglas, who, like Collins, is English. Dismissing the comparisons, Douglas notes, “Joan is 20 years older than I am.” So the battle of the bitches begins—with no expense spared. Douglas’ first five episodes were reshot when the show’s producers decided she needed a harder image and ordered her a new wardrobe of leather and suede.

Cynthia Rhodes, who’s dancing across movie screens in Flashdance and Staying Alive, isn’t one to step on toes. But she tripped up last Christmas when she received flowers from Staying Alive producer Robert Stigwood. Reading his name on the card, she asked, “Who is this man?” Perhaps she was suffering from an acute case of Saturday Night Fever (also produced by Stigwood), which, by the way, Cynthia had never seen until after she was cast in the sequel.

Glenda Jackson will portray Yelena Bonner, the second wife of Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov (to be played by Jason Robards), in HBO’s film titled Sakharov, which begins production in October….

Erin (Silver Spoons) Gray and her husband, Ken Schwartz, have obtained the film rights to photo-journalist Margaret Bourke-White’s life story. Gray will star….

Nominated for a Tony in Broadway’s recent revival of Showboat, Lonette McKee has been offered a principal role opposite Gregory Hines, Richard Gere and Diane Lane in Robert Evans’ The Cotton Club, now in rehearsal.

Washington, D.C. attorney Cathy Douglas, 39, widow of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, may run for Congress, from Washington State’s first district which includes Seattle. The seat is now held by soon-to-retire Republican Joel Pritchard. Douglas’ opponent for the Democratic nomination most likely would be Brock Evans, vice-president of national issues for the National Audubon Society.

They say blondes have more fun, although Golden-girl Susan Anton surely disagreed when her flaxen tresses turned green after she took a dip in her para-Moore’s hot tub. It seems Dudley, who called his local tub supplier in a panic, put too much chlorine in the water. As to the exact shade, only her hairdresser, who spent several hours undoing the damage, knows, fer sure.

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