September 12, 1983 12:00 PM

The producers of CBS’ Falcon Crest have been touting Sarah Douglas (who will play villainous Pamela Lynch this season) as their answer to Dynasty’s Joan Collins—a boast that has boosted Douglas’ career noticeably. Probably best known for her role as the dastardly Ursa in Superman II, Douglas is now being considered for the Dragon Lady part in Hal Need-ham’s upcoming movie, Terry and the Pirates; she’s also talking about a film project with Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd. But she draws the line on an offer to bare all in Playboy, where Collins, 50, will be even more revealing in the magazine’s December issue. “I think I’m past my peak for that sort of thing,” says Sarah, 30. Douglas, who has previously shrugged off comparisons to Collins by noting their 20-year age difference, finally met Dynasty’s dazzling diva at an L.A. party for Joan’s sister, Jackie, author of Hollywood Wives. Though Jackie advised Sarah to stay clear of her sis, the inevitable happened. “I’ve been terribly misquoted about you,” Sarah told Joan, who purred back, “I hope for your sake you have, my dear.”

Word is that Eddie Murphy—already Paramount’s $15 million man—is expected to collect another half million at least in royalties from his as-yet-untitled second album, due out this month. He’s also working on a series of comedy clips that will be offered to MTV and other video channels this fall. But with all this exposure, clothes can be a problem. For a taping of an HBO special in Washington, D.C., Eddie brought along three of his own leather outfits, but none of them looked right in the glare of the lights. Carrying an attaché case stuffed with money, Murphy rushed off to a Georgetown shop and almost immediately found himself a fitting red-leather number for $400.

Playing it straight didn’t use to be Dudley Moore’s forte, but the critical acclaim following his recent perfomance of Beethoven’s Triple Concerto at Carnegie Hall has convinced Moore to cut his first classical LP. His partner will be violinist Robert Mann of the Juilliard String Quartet, and they’ll do two violin sonatas, by Elgar and Delius—a possible “20.”

Speaking of no-shows, leave it to Beaver to turn down $10,000 from Hustler magazine to oversee a photo feature on his favorite sexual fantasy. Actually he wouldn’t have to appear in any of the photos himself, but Jerry Mathers, now 35, wistfully observes, “When you’re married with three kids, you’ve been through all the fantasies.”

The producers of The Natural, starring Robert Red-ford, were a tad distressed when they learned newcomer Kim Basinger would show up for filming with her long golden locks shorn. Her hair fell to the cutting-room floor several months ago for Blake Edwards’ The Man Who Loved Women, starring Burt Reynolds. Basinger will have to wear a wig for her role as Memo Paris. By now she’s getting used to donning the rugs: She faced a similar tangle recently when called to re-shoot underwater scenes she’d done last spring for Sean Connery’s new Bond flick, Never Say Never Again. The retakes dragged on unmercifully, however, because her long blond wig—with a hefty price tag of $10,000—kept floating away in the water. Never again.

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