May 16, 1983 12:00 PM

Chris Atkins, who splashed to stardom in The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields, collapsed from severe chest pains while filming a shower scene with comely newcomer Sandra Beall in the recently wrapped flick Heaven and was hospitalized for three days. The diagnosis: pericarditis, an inflammation of the sac around the heart. “It was awful,” says Atkins, 22, who plays a male stripper in the film. “It felt like I couldn’t breathe.” Though feeling fine now, Chris still hasn’t recovered from his “wild” love scenes with “great kisser” Lesley Ann Warren.

Word is that Scott (Urban Cowboy) Glenn, who will be playing Alan Shepard in the upcoming The Right Stuff, is being considered for the role of Harvey Milk—the gay San Francisco supervisor who was slain, along with Mayor George Moscone, in 1978. The film is to be based on Randy Shilts’ book The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk. Glenn hasn’t signed yet, but producer Joe Hamilton apparently is optimistic. Some months back there was talk about Hamilton’s estranged wife, Carol Burnett, playing a small but pivotal role in the flick. Though the terms of their separation are said to be amicable, the terms of her contract might be less so. After recently completing HBO’s Nobody Makes Me Cry with Elizabeth Taylor, Burnett joked, “I learned a lot from Elizabeth. At the end of the filming, I got to keep my wardrobe.”

Speaking of wardrobes, imagine Christina De Lorean’s consternation when she learned that the Los Angeles trial of her hubby, John, had been postponed until August. As you’ll recall, she ordered an 18-piece wardrobe from designer Albert Capraro (at a wholesale cost of $200 to $1,500 per outfit) to wear at John’s April trial. But Christina, who has been wearing her Capraro courtroom clothes here and there, need not fret that she’ll be out of style come August. According to Albert’s brother and assistant, Vito, the clothes are “trans-seasonal.” Thank goodness.

The first couple of high finance, William Agee and Mary Cunningham, just bought a house in Oyster Harbors on Cape Cod for a mere $1,966,500. They put $966,500 down, and like ordinary folk took out a mortgage—for a cool $1 million.

If serenading your sweetheart just isn’t your scene, you’ll be glad to know that greeting card records will debut in card shops and record stores this summer. Called Musigrams ($2.50 retail), the blank cards contain vinyl stereo discs with songs by such artists as Rod Stewart (You Send Me), Melissa Manchester (Whenever I Call You Friend), Aretha Franklin (Love Me Forever) and Kool and the Gang (Celebration). Special occasion Musigrams are due out later this year. One will feature Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to Jack Kennedy—but the JFK reference probably will be edited out.

Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Md. has lined up Robot Redford as commencement speaker later this month. Apparently, Robert wasn’t available, so the 4’4″, 175-pound high-tech version will substitute, becoming the first robot ever to deliver a college commencement address.

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