By Rebecca Bricker
May 02, 1983 12:00 PM

The Divine Bette Midler, whose A View From a Broad was a national bestseller, continues her antic literary career with The Saga of Baby Divine, due out in November (Crown, $11.95). Written in verse, it’s an allegorical, if not autobiographical, fantasy of a little girl who is born with a shock of red hair, high-heeled shoes on her teensy dancing feet and the ability to say only one word—MORE! Replete with 30 color illustrations, the book may be made into an animated TV special. As for Miss M’s divine inspiration, she notes that this latest oeuvre is “just another step in my lifelong campaign not to die dumb.”

When Billy Moses, who plays Cole on CBS’ Falcon Crest, joined the series at the tender age of 21, he couldn’t resist asking the show’s matriarch, Jane Wyman, if she had known his film idol Spencer Tracy. Wyman recalled an evening when she took Spence to a Manhattan nightclub despite his protestations that he couldn’t dance. By the end of the evening her white shoes were black from Tracy’s treads. Wyman, however, waltzes around the subject of another famous dance partner, Ronald Reagan. “She considers that ancient history,” says Billy, who’s now 23. “After all, she’s been divorced from Ronald Reagan longer than I’ve been alive.”…

A historical footnote to the Wyman-Reagan years surfaces in Laurence Learner’s book Make Believe: The Story of Nancy & Ronald Reagan (Harper & Row, $14.95), due out in June. According to Learner, Reagan once admonished then wife Jane: “We’ll lead an ideal life if you’ll just avoid doing one thing: Don’t think.”

Last year Woody Allen plunked down several million for a 10-bedroom oceanfront “cottage” called the Ark in tony Southampton, L.I. Woody then spent at least another million remodeling it to maximize his ocean view. But local residents say that he and his inamorata, Mia Farrow, have spent only one weekend there and are thinking of selling—for a cool $3.6 million. Meantime, Woody’s willing to rent the place for the summer for a mere $165,000.

Rocker Rick Springfield is hooking up with Ma Bell for his next recording—a 60-second message that can be heard by dialing 1-900-210-RICK, starting May 5. The tape, which will be updated periodically during the next six months, will feature music from Rick’s new album, Living in Oz, as well as info about his upcoming 85-city tour and his film debut this fall in Hard to Hold, an apt title given the fact that AT&T predicts there will be more than half a billion calls.

Sally Kellerman, who will appear as a singing hooker in CBS’ Dempsey next season, has signed to play a dance hall queen in an upcoming CBS movie called September Gun, with Robert Preston and Patty Duke Astin….

The title role in Princess Daisy, the NBC miniseries (to air in November) based on Judith Krantz’s best-seller, has been plucked by self-proclaimed Danish countess and former model Merete Van Camp….

An unusual Guinness record reportedly has been set in Britain: most negative response to a survey. Some 2,000 people were asked if they had seen the new morning TV shows, Breakfast Time and TV-AM, and—guess what?—nobody had.