Take One

Word is going around CBS’ steamy Southern California cul-de-sac, Knots Landing, that the neighborhood vixen, Abby (played by Donna Mills), will marry longtime paramour Gary Ewing (Ted Shackelford) next season. But she won’t give up her wanton ways. Her next assignation will be with William Devane, who just signed a hefty contract to play a presidential hopeful on the series. (Devane, you’ll recall, portrayed JFK in ABC’s The Missiles of October.) Also joining the cast is Doug Sheehan (formerly General Hospital’s Joe Kelly), who will nuzzle up to Gary’s ex, Valene (Joan Van Ark)….

The most Pampered actor on Knots Landing is 11-month-old Daniel Weisman, who plays the son of Laura Avery, a/k/a Constance McCashin, Daniel’s real-life mom. An eight-month veteran of the show, Daniel commands $133 a day, is chauffeured to the studio and has a dressing room with a phone.

Looking for a job? Then there’s a new game show for you. It’s called Help Wanted!, and Group W Productions hopes to syndicate it nationally next fall. Hosted by Michael (ABC’s Kids Are People Too) Young, the show features pairs of contestants (selected by prospective employers in advance) who are interviewed on the air and then asked to demonstrate their job skills. Sometimes they are asked to deal with unexpected situations, as on an episode when a would-be bonbon dipper had to cope with a runaway conveyor belt. Other contestants have included two ex-cons aspiring to be dog groomers and two comely dancers vying for a spot on the USFL’s L.A. Express cheerleading squad. Winners get the job, while losers settle for $500, presumably to pay for new résumés.

For her part, French stunner Clio (The Gift) Goldsmith has no trouble finding work these days. After she wraps an Italian Dallas-like TV series called La Vita Continua this spring, she begins filming Tug of Love in London with well-known Gallic actor Roger Hanin (François Mitterrand’s brother-in-law). She reportedly has had overtures for parts in several U.S. films, including The Ice Pirates with Robert Urich, Paul Mazursky’s Moscow on the Hudson with Robin Williams, and Tom Selleck’s upcoming Lassiter, but the Gift-ed Clio has more work than she can handle….

When he’s not making movies or filming CBS’ Magnum, P.I., Selleck is known to play a mean game of volleyball with ex-Olympians at the Outrigger Canoe Club in Hawaii. So who better than Tom to be honorary captain of the USA men’s volleyball team for the 1984 summer Olympics? As his first duty, the honorary captain went to the net for a full-color benefit poster. So if you want to support the cause or simply want to ogle toothsome Tom, send $5.95 to USA Men’s Volleyball Poster, P.O. Box 24460, San Diego, Calif. 92124.

Andy Warhol’s T.V., a half-hour Madison Square Garden Network cable show featuring art, fashion and celeb interviews conducted by the Campbell’s Soup Can Man himself, debuts May 2. Guests include Ali MacGraw, Cheryl Tiegs and hubby Peter Beard….

Holy Dynamic Duo! Batman and Robin are expected to return to Gotham City in an $18 million Warner Bros, batflick—possible production next fall.

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