March 06, 1978 12:00 PM

4 Mail

12 People Picks & Pans

20 Up Front

Tongsun Park is returning to Washington, and Tandy Dickinson—if not everyone—couldn’t be happier

To beat the Devil, a Brazilian girl spends three days on a cross

Author Edward Jay Epstein claims Lee Harvey Oswald was a spy for the Soviet KGB

Envoys to the U.S. Dinitz and Ghorbal break the longest D.C. silence since Coolidge

35 In His Own Words

Do shrinks have too much power? Lawyer/psychiatrist Jonas Robitscher thinks they do

44 Spirit

Brother Sebastian is the bespoke sandalmaker to an ecclesiastic elite

46 Arts

Sculptor Duane Hanson’s “everyday people” look so real they’re eerie

53 For a Song

Old dropout Billy Joel makes Most Likely to Succeed with Just the Way You Are

56 Bio

Britain’s Dr. David Owen brings a dashing new look and young blood to the office of Foreign Secretary

68 Medics

When a script needs a doctor (medical-wise), TV producers call Walter Dishell

70 People Puzzle

75 Couples

Look where running around together got Thomas and Ellen Wessinghage

79 Out of the Pages

Mayhem and morality make millions for Mary (A Stranger Is Watching) Clark

82 Off the Screen

Her dingaling act behind her, Goldie Hawn bounces back after three years to become a working mother

88 Star Tracks

Norman Mailer and lady Norris Church

Gilda Radner and Peter Firth

Fugitive Ronald Biggs and the Sex Pistols

Britt Ekland on the rebound

The Stallone boys

Marlon Brando, the ambulance chaser

90 In the Money

Forever blowing bubbles, “Uncle Al” Silverstone is the Gumball King

95 Inventors

Richard Wenstrom’s machine will cause a lot of crabbing

96 Over the Tube

Chicken George was not exactly a turkey role, but only now is Ben Vereen really taking wing

98 Chatter

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