June 19, 1978 12:00 PM

4 Mail

12 People Picks & Pans

32 Up Front

President Carter deploys Texan Bob Strauss to try to lasso galloping inflation

Kidnapped and confused, Giovanna Amati is home again in Rome

After the bawl is over Broadway’s Tony contenders dance away their agony and ecstasy

Lobbyist Keith Stroup is sending U.S. pot laws up in smoke

45 Winners

Angelo Asciolla played David to General Motors’ Goliath

46 Arts

Paul Jenkins’ splashy paintings are the unbilled co-stars of An Unmarried Woman

51 To the Top

Horsebreeder Rayford Ely raises miniatures that gallop indoors

55 In His Own Words

Divorced parent Dr. Lee Salk talks about lessening the impact of marital splits on the children

65 Sequel

Fifteen years after Medgar Evers was killed, his widow has become a California oil executive

68 Jocks

Skydiver Perry Jordan chutes first and answers questions later

74 Off the Screen

Despite a breakdown, a miscarriage, a divorce, threatened deafness and Sly Stallone, F.I.S.T.’s Melinda Dillon insists: “I’m so lucky”

81 Bio

Congressman Benjamin Gilman—the go-between in the international prisoner swaps—is a secret agent for the oppressed

88 Star Tracks

Rosalynn Carter greets Dolley Madison et al

Buddy Rogers and Rita Hayworth hold open house

The Human Fly meets King Kong

David Bowie’s bodyguards

Liz Taylor’s new diet: defeat

92 Out of the Pages

Six good reads on subjects ranging from a tennis pro to an ancient photographer to a Scotland Yard supersleuth are made for in-the-shade vacation escape

101 Medics

Dr. Dudley Johnson makes the case for the controversial heart bypass operation

104 Couples

How Mad Ave packager Stan Dragoti got the package of the year for a wife—model-turned-TV-celeb Cheryl Tiegs

110 People Puzzle

113 On the Move

After pursuing Liza M., Patty D. and Dorothy H., Desi Arnaz Jr. is on a new chase at 25: stardom

122 In Style

Allan Beck is Hollywood’s fish doctor to the stars because he makes house calls

126 For a Song

With Britt Ekland in tow, Foghat on tour is anything but Stone Blue

128 Chatter

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