June 12, 1978 12:00 PM

4 Mail

16 People Picks & Pans

38 Up Front

Nine murders at the Atlanta federal penitentiary stir an investigation, and inmates’ fears

Hillary and Tenzing look back on 25 years of ups and downs since their historic summit meeting on Mount Everest

Awash in Antigua, O. J. Simpson aims toward more football, then movies

To 300 loyal ex-POWs, Richard Nixon is still the President who brought them home from Hanoi

Seven Miss Americas get together for an evening of Follies

51 Jocks

These days, if Nancy Lopez isn’t winning it, the tournament isn’t golf

55 Bio

Her autobiography is a French bestseller and her movie Madame Rosa won an Oscar—at 57, Simone Signoret is back at the top

62 Out of the Pages

Ex-priest James Carroll produces a big, sexy Boston political novel

71 On the Move

Lawyer Noel Keane counsels childless couples seeking “surrogate mothers”

77 For a Song

Formative folkie Mary Travers harmonizes with her old band—Peter and Paul—and a new beau

81 In His Own Words

Expert Dr. John Laragh says the cure for hypertension may be far off, but the control is at hand

88 Star Tracks

Bob Hope at the White House

Cher and Gene Simmons

Beverly Sills on her birthday

Prizewinning fathers Martin Luther King Sr., Tip O’Neill and Yul Brynner

Juanita Kreps’ T-shirt

Barbi Benton at bat

90 Over the Tube

Ron Howard finds his happiest days in a director’s chair in Dallas

100 People Puzzle

103 Inventors

N. O. Brantly’s jogging bra is the answer to an ample, athletic maiden’s prayer

107 Sequel

Khalilah AM, the fighter’s ex, makes a movie with Jane Fonda

111 In the Money

Akio Morita is Japan’s Mr. Sony throughout an admiring, if sometimes wary, world

118 Teacher

Richard Brown’s film classes are SRO, which explains why the stars help teach

122 Lookout

Vaulter Scott MacDonald

Newspaper editor Cynthia Alexander

125 Couples

Juliet Prowse and John McCook turn a long-shot marriage into a good bet

128 Chatter

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