May 08, 1978 12:00 PM

4 Mail

12 People Picks & Pans

32 Up Front

Cornelia Wallace, four months after her divorce decree, faces up to life as a working mother

A tough cop wades into Italy’s rising tide of kidnapping

The newest Fleetwood Mac album is out: John McVie’s wedding snapshots

A Texas family fights to spring young Terre Fleener from an Israeli prison

47 Bio

Coast to coast, baseball fans may complain about Pete Rose’s aggressiveness, but in Cincinnati Charlie Hustle’s a hit

53 Over the Tube

A Nazi in Holocaust, Michael Moriarty dreams of playing jazz and Shakespeare

62 In Style

Who knows all about Yves? Nobody better than Loulou de la Falaise Klossowski

67 Sequel

After years of lifting weights, Jack LaLanne lifts his voice in song

73 To the Top

Throughout the Americas, the embattled journalist’s best friend is Tina Hills

74 Couples

Their marriage was made in a production booth, but for singer Natalie Cole and Rev. Marvin Yancy, it’s heaven

84 Medics

Doctor, professor, novelist and law student, Eugene Dong even has his eye on the U.S. Senate

88 Off the Screen

With a F.I.S.T.-ful of dollars (and problems), Sly Stallone’s toughest bout is with success

96 Star Tracks

Prince Albert of Monaco, Tony Peck and Marcel Marceau

Peter Frampton’s Fury

England’s Prince Andrew

Jacqueline Bisset and Edd Byrnes

Cyrus Vance takes on Ambassador Toon in Moscow

98 Arts

After The Turning Point, ballet’s Baryshnikov soars to new heights

102 In Her Own Words

Betty Ford is far from alone, says Muriel Nellis, an expert on the perils of mixing drugs and alcohol

108 People Puzzle

110 Lookout

Playwright Lenka Janiurek

Tennis ace Eliot Teltscher

113 Teacher

Tom Sexton debunks psychic phonies at an unusual Indiana school

117 Spirit

Nina Herrmann abandoned TV reporting to minister to the sick and the recovering

124 On the Move

Dobie Gillis’ old girlfriend throws a 25th birthday bash for the women of Harvard Law

128 Inventors

Out of a recurring nightmare, nurse Vera Leonard fashions an emergency baby tote

130 Chatter

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