April 03, 1978 12:00 PM

4 Mail

12 People Picks & Pans

22 Up Front

Sen. Howard Baker may be heading for the White House by way of the Panama Canal

Soldier’s soldier Yanush Ben-Gal is Israel’s commander of the smash in Lebanon

Those old-time ankle socks are the very latest springtime fad

Man and woman, spy and counterspy, Eleanor Lorraine Schuler was a double agent in every respect

35 Teacher

Out of an elementary school art class comes a $5,000 Miró crayon drawing

36 Off the Screen

Here’s handicapping of next week’s Academy Awards—who’s doing what to whom to win in categories like best actress, actor, picture, song, etc.

46 Arts

Director Frank Corsaro plays the devil with opera and the critics howl

48 Out of the Pages

Author Alice Adams never forgot hearing Billie Holiday sing

54 Star Tracks

Peter Falk’s Columbo copy

Darren McGavin and Domino

Robert Preston goes fishin’

Lee Majors surprises Farrah

Galina and Mstislav Rostropovich

Suzanne Somers and hubby Alan Hamel spin off

56 In Her Own Words

Stepmothers needn’t be ogres, says Dr. Irene Goldenberg, but the job is tough

61 Jocks

Hilary Hilton and Louise Gengler are the queens of platform tennis

64 Couples

John Maher and Mimi Silbert have a “family” of 350 ex-cons

69 Medics

Dr. Elmer Green faces the biofeedback feedback

72 Happy

Six of their own wasn’t enough, so the DeBolts took in 13 badly handicapped kids

74 Bio

William Sloane Coffin delivers his Easter sermon in a new setting

82 People Puzzle

85 Adventure

Lepidopterist Lincoln Brower nets an elusive monarch in a secret Mexican hideout

90 Sequel

Kent State peacemaker Glenn Olds is on a new quest in Alaska

93 For a Song

Like your rock well done? Try Meat Loaf

96 Chatter

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