December 19, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

16 People Picks & Pans

30 Up Front

Neil Simon’s new autobiographical hit, starring Judd Hirsch, is no laughing matter

A Rhodesian paratroop instructor trains his men for a dirty little war

Tina Brackenbush slicks up ski slopes with wet suits

Stuttgart Mayor Manfred Rommel cautions Germany against an orgy of revenge against terrorists

43 Medics

Two Denver doctors say money causes cancer—if you’re a rat, that is

49 Over the Tube

Between her career and her man (talk show host Phil Donahue), Marlo Thomas says: “I want it all”

58 In Trouble

When Jamie Bruening popped his pop, there was breakage

61 Spirit

For a Texas communications mogul, the Good Word means Good Business

67 Out of the Pages

The author of 60 books is sometimes Ed McBain or Evan Hunter or a couple of other guys

73 Teacher

Ho-ho’s are no-no’s in Stan Solomon’s Santa Claus classes

79 Star Tracks

Walter Cronkite

Mickey Rooney

Liz Taylor


Buffy Sainte-Marie

Bob DeNiro

82 Lookout

Airline owner Bruce McKenzie

Cartoonist Cathy Guisewite

85 In Her Own Words

Know thy mother as thyself, says Nancy Friday of My Mother/My Self

93 Crime

Cop-minister Al Palmquist helps young prostitutes escape their bondage

97 On the Move

For Jane Pauley’s engineer sister Ann, no nukes is bad news

100 Winners

Grandma Barbara Moseley began the beguine at 58; at 71 she’s a champ

103 Host

Darryl Hill serves soul food in Carter Country—Washington, that is

106 Bio

Tom Landry’s Dallas Cowboys ride high on his total concentration

110 People Puzzle

117 For a Song

Bells are ringing for Al Green—church, chart and wedding

121 Couples

George and Nena O’Neill wrote the book on open marriage, and now comes a revise

124 Chatter

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