December 12, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

14 People Picks & Pans

28 Up Front

Mark Rothko’s children win the rights to their father’s work after six years in court

Ulster’s Ciaran McKeown is the man the Nobel committee forgot

Polygraph expert David Raskin believes his testimony could have freed Patty Hearst

The world’s No. 1 masked man gets married

Edgar Mitchell’s sale of moon mail kicks up a storm

41 Jocks

Tiny (4’11”) Debbie Brock is a big woman at Delta

44 Crime

When hoodlums invaded her turf, Chicago’s Letty Cooper fought back

50 For a Song

The real trick of reuniting Crosby, Stills & Nash is harmonizing egos, not voices

63 In His Own Words

Eric Sevareid, master of the 2½ minute essay, retires—still talking

68 To the Top

Erica Wilson’s needle turns stitchery into gold

77 Host

Donald Bruce White has catered to three First Ladies

85 Sequel

Every ending—except that of Mulligan’s Stew—is happy for Father Knows Best teen Elinor Donahue

93 Teacher

Straight A’s are few in Don Amador’s gay studies class

96 In Style

Surprise! The Cracker Jill box is supplying jewelry now

99 Medics

Ophthalmologist Kay Michelis wins her battle on lens implantations

107 Off the Screen

In American Graffiti the whole class is most likely to succeed

115 Out of the Pages

Dynasty changes the life-style of old China hand Robert S. Elegant

118 Lookout

121 In Trouble

Football becomes tug-of-war and Larry Oreglia is the rope

122 Bio

Physicist Gerry O’Neill has some far-out ideas on colonizing space

136 Star Tracks

Margaret Thatcher

Bob Dylan

Jodie Foster and Sydne Rome

Alice and Sheryl Cooper

Rita Hayworth and Yasmin Khan

Vernon Presley

140 Arts

The latest Grandma Moses is Hollywood housewife Jane Wooster Scott

144 Couples

Sculptor David Christian molds a marriage with Soap’s Katherine Helmond

148 People Puzzle

153 Inventors

Three grown-ups treat toys like a business

157 Happy

Horn tester Larry Ramirez can tootle anything brass, except a spittoon

158 Chatter

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