December 05, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

18 People Picks & Pans

32 Up Front

A child murderer stalks Detroit’s frightened suburbs

The U.S. envoys to Egypt and Israel reflect on their historic matchmaking

Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson is re-elected, remarried and reshaped

45 On Stage

They’ve stopped calling Dorothy Loudon “Our Lady of the Flops”—she’s in Annie now

50 Star Tracks

Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave

Miss Lillian

Rock Hudson at 52

Christina Onassis

Chief Justice Burger

Janet Leigh

56 In His Own Words

Harvard’s George Vaillant takes a searching look at the best and the brightest

63 For a Song

Rocker Freddie Mercury and Queen may act pretentious, androgynous and outrageous, but try to buy a seat

68 Arts

“Big Mama” Jo Ann Miller and her restored opera house save a Texas town from extinction

77 Medics

Dr. Henry Lynch traces the roots of cancer-prone families

81 Sequel

Raising giraffes is the Leslie-Melvilles’ pet project

85 Out of the Pages

Author Helen Van Slyke moves from romance in tubes to romance in print

89 To the Top

Wall Street wizard Arthur Levitt Jr. takes over at the Amex

92 Over the Tube

Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Live can make even Harry Reasoner laugh at “Baba Wawa”

100 Winners

Actress Melina Mercouri wins an election—on Sunday yet

103 Jocks

Mom ran interference; now Texas running back Earl Campbell nears pay dirt

108 Couples

Love’s a synthesizer for Charlotte Rampling and Jean-Michel Jarre

112 On the Move

Gloria, Betty, Bella & Co. bear down on women’s rights in Houston

115 Happy

Thirty-two sets of twins make it NNBBCC for a day

116 Bio

Woody Guthrie’s son Arlo turns 30 and becomes a Franciscan while a rare illness casts a shadow over his life

120 People Puzzle

130 Lookout

Dollhouse builder Abi Murray

Pianist Carla Ann Budzian

133 Off the Screen

You don’t have to believe in UFOs or child actors to love Cary Guffey, 5

136 Chatter

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