By People Staff
November 21, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

14 People Picks & Pans

36 Up Front

Savagely burned as a baby, little Dina Triantafilidis is a study in courage

Ex-CIA chief Richard Helms still believes that mum was the word

U.S. Lithuanians interceded and saved one of their countrymen from a Soviet prison

At 27, pollster Pat Caddell is one of the brains Carter trusts

49 Star Tracks

Patti Smith and Jack Ford

Cyril Ritchard and Mary Martin

Papa Bernie Cornfeld

Walt Frazier

Surfer Prince Charles

Lee and Anna Strasberg

55 For a Song

Keith kicks junk, Mick kicks Rod & Elton, and the Stones roll on

62 To the Top

TV host Richard Dawson’s only Family Feud was with sex bomb ex-wife Diana Dors

71 Teacher

Ex-con Bob Dellinger helps prisoners write their wrongs

77 Spirit

Dan Callahan runs an ethics think tank, the only one of its kind

83 Couples

In Delaware the governor shares a bedroom with a law student: Meet Pete and Elise du Pont

90 In Style

Cooking with wine? French chef Jean Troisgros shows how in a winery

100 In His Own Words

“Little people” should stand up for their rights, says 4’1″-tall Texas engineer Lee Kitchens

106 Jocks

USC javelin throwers pose a triplet threat

108 Bio

Muckraker Jessica Mitford needles a fascinating subject: herself

116 People Puzzle

119 Sequel

Ernest Medina of Mylai makes a new life in a Michigan town

123 Arts

Among the world’s tenors, James McCracken sings his way to the top

129 Off the Screen

Ex-Partridge Susan Dey sheds her duds on camera in First Love, and off, she weds an agent twice her age

132 Chatter