September 12, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

6 People Picks & Pans

22 Up Front

Times have changed, tempers have cooled, and the Chicago 7 are drifting into the mainstream

Princess Caroline declares a love match in Monaco

One if by mouth and two if by sea, America’s Cupper Ted Turner makes waves

35 Adventure

For Paul Macready, the Gossamer Condor is an $86,000 high

38 Off the Screen

Susan Saint James’s causes include mother’s milk, liberal Democrats, polar bears and redressing the balance of her marriage

46 Jocks

What’s scarier than Notre Dame’s Ross Browner? His brothers Jim, Will, Joe, Keith and Gerald

50 Over the Tube

U.N.C.L.E. spy Robert Vaughn returns as the Haldemanesque hatchet man in ABC’s Washington: Behind Closed Doors

54 People Puzzle

65 Lookout

Composer-pianist Ken Noda

Researcher Sarah Smith

66 Bio

Heiress Joan Irvine Smith reclaims the family’s 77,000-acre spread

74 Medics

Dr. Richard Selzer’s pen, it turns out, is as sharp as his scalpel

80 Couples

Julie Newmar is a lone starlet no longer after her marriage to a tireless Texan, John Holt Smith

86 Star Tracks

Roy Rogers in Central Park

Balloonists Jack Ford and Billy Carter

John Kennedy’s new girl

Christine Keeler in Rio

88 In His Own Words

Critic Peter Blake tells why modern architecture hasn’t worked

92 On the Move

Hélène Martini, Paris’ Countess of Cabarets, tops off with the Folies Bergère

94 Out of the Pages

It takes Alistair MacLean only five weeks to produce a best-seller

101 Sequel

For 50 years, Chris (Three Faces of Eve) Sizemore just wasn’t herself. Now, happily, she is

104 In Style

Marilyn Kosten’s racket is tennis togs for teenagers

106 Chatter

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