September 05, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

10 People Picks & Pans

26 Up Front

Elvis’ longtime love Linda Thompson reflects on life with a legend

Publisher David Lindsay has built a better mousetrap, but the Air Force won’t bite

Allan Carr’s Rolodex party wheels out Hollywood’s stars

Victory at Wimbledon has meant a new life for Virginia Wade

41 Host

Yankee-born Lady Pamela Harlech dishes up a feast without fuss

47 In Trouble

Snake farmer Jonathan (son of Louis) Leakey faces a customs rap

48 Medics

Most of Dr. Cameron Bangs’s house calls take him to glaciers

55 Off the Screen

Rudolf Nureyev loses face—as the silent screen’s Valentino

56 Bio

60 Minutes sexbomb Dan Rather and what makes him tick

62 For a Song

Songwriter Carole Bayer Sager waxes lyric about her singing debut and a new man, Marvin Hamlisch

69 Lookout

Pillow designer Rae Holzman

Medical pioneer David Fletcher

70 Couples

HUD Secretary Pat Harris and her husband Bill the judge dispense with protocol at home

76 In the Money

For Beech-Nut baby food boss Frank Nicholas, quality control begins at home

78 In Her Own Words

Why do housewives drink? Writer Joyce Rebeta-Burditt talks about her own six-year binge

83 Star Tracks

Suzy Chaffee

Joe Cocker

Lauren Hutton

Truman Capote

The Royal Danes, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik

87 Sequel

Barry Kaufman finds new options from his son’s autism

88 Spirit

Even from his Irish Elba, Bishop Donal Lamont fights against racial discrimination in Rhodesia

90 People Puzzle

94 On the Move

And now Western Onion brings back the singing telegram

96 Chatter

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