February 21, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

20 Sequel

Ex-Father Groppi becomes a bus driver

25 Lookout

Ski manufacturer John Lovett

26 Up Front

Eight stars ponder whether Roots was the start of something big

Rev. Charles Trentham’s D.C. church welcomes the nation’s most prominent Baptists

Paul Newman tunes up as king of the road

John Betjeman, poet laureate, throws Queen Liz to the lines

38 Medics

Psychologist-cartoonist Bob Thaves has a split personality

44 On the Move

Disaster fighter Thomas Casey battles the Buffalo blizzard

46 Couples

Raunchy Rod Stewart mellows with his muse, Britt Ekland

50 Teacher

For Prof. Paul Gebhard, sex is never a joking matter

52 Star Tracks

Nureyev warms up

Maria flamencos

Princess Grace buys

Sugar Ray Leonard wins

Marlene emerges

58 Arts

Greg Brown peoples Palo Alto with his spacey “pedestrians”

60 Party

The Kennedys hold an Olympics for the handicapped

62 Bio

Mark McCormack manages some leading sports

73 Host

A countess opens a restaurant that counts calories

76 In His Own Words

Cardiologist Richard Ross tells everything you need to know about heart attacks but were afraid to ask

80 In the Money

For the Sanchez family, Laredo is a natural gas bonanza

82 In Style

Designer Holly Harp takes over the sand at Malibu

87 Out of the Pages

Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti is dimming City Lights

91 People Puzzle

93 For a Song

Folk guitarist Leo Kottke is unexcelled but outsold

96 Chatter

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