By People Staff
May 23, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

16 People Picks

30 Up Front

David Frost faces his summit

Jimmy Carter conquers Europe

Red Adair tames a wild North Sea oil well

43 Sequel

Grant Wood’s sister defends American Gothic

44 Medics

Muhammad Ali’s doctor rates the champ’s strengths

49 In His Own Words

Michael Maccoby’s gamesman: a new breed of corporate leader

55 In Trouble

Actress Tiffany Boiling gets the creeps: 3,000 tarantulas

56 To the Top

A salt named Louise Burke gets a naval command

63 Lookout

64 Star Tracks

Twyla Tharp and Pia Lindstrom

Dick Zanuck’s time out

FDR Jr. on horseback

Yul Brynner shoots

Skirting John Lindsay

69 On the Move

Leonard Woodcock may trade Detroit for Peking

72 Inventors

Out of gas? Try electricity, wind or manure

76 Out of the Pages

New best-seller Brooke Hayward rattles her family’s skeletons

81 Couples

Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara stay together for laughs

88 Bio

Baseball’s Billy Martin broods over his team and his kids

94 People Puzzle

97 In Style

Jim Watkins hits fashion’s fast track with his Porsche jackets

101 Happy

At 83 Ruth Hutchinson is St. Louis’ disco granny

102 Over the Tube

All that glitters isn’t Kojak’s dome

104 Spirit

Esther Jungreis inspires Jews to return to their roots

107 For a Song

Dickey Betts’s new LP—and lady—leave the Allmans in the dust

110 Chatter