By People Staff
May 16, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

14 People Picks

28 Up Front

For Andréa de Portago, a new perfume brings the scent of success

Chicano Leonel Castillo will be the Carter man on the illegal alien watch

Fight promoter Don King vows he won’t be returning to prison

John Hartford’s rollin’ on the river

41 Happy

Mrs. Gertrude Harman kvells over her son, the Undersecretary

43 In His Own Words

Attorney Lee Kreindler tells kin and survivors what to do after an aviation disaster

55 Couples

What can Erica Jong write now? She’s found monogamous bliss

68 Lookout

Cycle racer Broc Glover

Needleworker Sara Gutiérrez

70 Star Tracks

Majors shields Fawcett

Capote dines alone

Gloria Swanson sculpts

Moynihan leaps

Chief Rizzo goes Afro

McCartneys meet Orphan Annie

74 Arts

Bye, bye Barbie—artist Ron Kron creates celeb “dolls”

76 Spirit

Hans Küng is Catholic dogma’s subdued subversive

81 In Trouble

Webb Pierce’s Nashville neighbors wish his fans would skedaddle

82 Out of the Pages

Ex-husband Roger Vadim remembers Jane Fonda—and an update

90 Party

Welcome back—caricaturist Al Hirschfeld goes home to St. Looey

92 Sequel

Ex-Dallas Cowboy Walt Garrison is rodeo’s easy rider

96 Bio

Frank Thomas restores hope to his old inner-city slum

100 People Puzzle

107 Jocks

Patty Costello wants to pick off bowling’s trickiest split—men’s vs. women’s tourneys

111 Over the Tube

Life’s a cabaret for Bonnie (One Day at a Time) Franklin

114 Chatter