May 09, 1977 12:00 PM

On the cover: Haley with Binta Kinte Fofana and the youngest Kinte baby

4 Mail

14 People Picks

28 Up Front

Pulitzer Prize winner Alex Haley journeys back to Africa and the roots of his Roots

The White House’s Susan Clough is the nation’s First Secretary

Henry “Fonz” Winkler is high on his hometown, New York

The squalid Groucho Marx case—it’s his kids vs. his companion

42 For a Song

Rock violinist Robby Steinhardt is Kansas’ classical dropout

47 In His Own Words

California psychologist Henry Giarretto finds incest disturbingly prevalent in America

55 In Style

Sam Lucchese walks tall as Texas’ top cowboy boot maker

58 Star Tracks

Amy Carter’s postcard

Kirk and Michael Douglas love their wives

Animalistic Michael York

Marie Osmond holds the reins

Margaret O’Brien’s littlest angel

64 Bio

Artist Larry Rivers is mocking the masters once again

75 Inventors

Herb Kohler’s “Environment” offers sunshine and showers

76 Off the Screen

Hollywood’s best bad actor is Robert Duvall

81 Teacher

At 95, Prof. Joel Hildebrand lectures to a fourth generation

84 Arts

Jean-Pierre Rampal turns his flute into gold

86 Jocks

Boxer Duane Bobick wouldn’t mind a Rocky future

90 Host

Mollie Parnis’ greatest triumphs may not be dresses but parties

94 People Puzzle

97 Over the Tube

Equality of sexes begins in the shop—that’s why Norman (All That Glitters) Lear hired Virginia Carter

100 Lookout

Firefighter Miriam Boyle

Lutenist Paul O’Dette

103 Happy

Oscar winner John Avildsen clowns under the Big Top

107 Couples

Mickey and Karen Taylor’s hopes ride on the Derby favorite they own, Seattle Slew

110 Chatter

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