April 11, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

19 Lookout

Walter Parkes

Marion Adams

24 Up Front

Bruce and Chrystie Jenner cash in Olympic gold

Rostropovich’s 50th is a feast of cellos

Actor Carroll O’Connor and writer Arthur Marx engage in a war of words

Brigitte Bardot fights to stop the slaughter of seals

37 Jocks

Golf aficionados say “Olé!” to Spain’s Seve Ballesteros

38 Happy

Morris’ fans get their litter-ature from secretary Mary Holtman

41 Off the Screen

After life with father (Russel Crouse), acting with Newman and Redford doesn’t faze Lindsay Ann

45 In His Own Words

Soviet expert Richard Pipes takes a sobering look at SALT

50 Star Tracks

Lynn Redgrave bites

Steinem toasts Tomlin

“The Fonz” warns kids

Mike Schmidt at half-mast

Chrissie and Burt

HEW chief Joseph Califano takes a chef

56 Adventure

John Newton aims to raise the gunboat Monitor from the deep

58 Bio

Versatile Peter Ustinov remains indefinable and unrepentant

66 Couples

William Holden and Stefanie Powers: a peripatetic love story

72 On the Move

Quebec’s René Lévesque weathers his Chappaquiddick

74 To the Top

Collector Stan Kann is sucked into a vacuum craze

76 For a Song

For Les Paul, the ’50s record biz radical, Grammys begin at 61

80 In Style

Barbie Doll developer Ruth Handler has a better idea for mastectomy victims

85 Spirit

Evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong’s church invests in a new Quest

91 Medics

For sports doc Robert Kerlan, pain is the price of the game

94 People Puzzle

97 Winners

Guess who is clipped into a coiffure called “the Margaux”?

98 Sequel

Ex-actor George Montgomery recasts himself as a sculptor

100 Chatter

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