April 04, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

24 Lookout

Harpist Kristen Agresta

Playwright Christopher Durang

28 Up Front

Grayer and wiser, George Plimpton celebrates a sprightly half century

Pardoned draft exile-singer Jesse Winchester comes home again

Queen Elizabeth’s hats: the best argument for wearing a crown

Betty and Jerry Ford reminisce in Palm Springs

45 On Stage

What’s tingling at Ringling? Clown Lou Jacobs’ daughter Dolly

48 Inventors

Slim Smith’s motorized Hereford is a triumph of man over beast

51 In His Own Words

Jim Duke has an herb for whatever ails you

59 Spirit

The almighty computer is Chuck Sellier’s prophet

60 Couples

Arthur Miller and Inge Morath live and collaborate artfully

64 Teacher

Richard Dawkins studies why crickets chirp and men survive

67 Jocks

Dragster Cha Cha Muldowney is the world’s fastest woman

70 Star Tracks

Tiny Tim is tubby

Barbara Walters views Halstons

A guarded Hutch

Another side of Newman

Cassidy hops to London

72 People Puzzle

76 For a Song

Dolly Parton’s dreams are bigger than all country

82 On the Move

Ernest Albright saves the rare, wrinkled Shar-Peis from extinction

84 Bio

Choreographer Twyla Tharp is as off-beat as her dances

90 In the Money

Hollywood’s happy hustler of blurbs—Marty Ingels

90 Sequel

Soviet actress Victoria Fyodorova becomes a model American

103 Out of the Pages

Author Leonore Fleischer goes to the movies for inspiration

104 In Trouble

The Duke of Rutland peer-pressures the Coal Board

106 Chatter

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