March 28, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

12 Sequel

Once TV’s Sugarfoot, Will Hutchins has turned clown

16 Lookout

18 Up Front

Margaret Trudeau searches for photographic subjects and freedom in New York

Panama’s General Torrijos is a key man in Canal negotiations

Triple-amputee Max Cleland takes command of the VA

31 Teacher

Physiologist Marian Diamond pries into the Pill

32 Off the Screen

Anthony Quinn defends Mohammad against the D.C. Muslims’ complaints

36 Inventors

Lillian Malt devises a typewriter fit for fingers

39 Arts

Potter Peter Petrie puts his mug on a mug

40 Couples

Petula Clark and agent-husband Claude Wolff balance family life with show business

46 Star Tracks

Bardot crusades for baby seals

Dylan hugs Blakley

New York welcomes Travolta

Carter at the ballet

Jean Young dolls up

52 Jocks

Olympic hero John Naber may get out of the swim

54 In Trouble

Another chilling reel in the life of Roman Polanski

59 In Her Own Words

Lawyer Doris Sassower says alimony rips off both sexes

66 In Style

Barbara Pearlman exercises with yoga, dance—and housework

70 Happy

When the kids get high in Monroe, Wis., it’s above a rope

72 Bio

Oscar-favorite Faye Dunaway puts love before money

79 Adventure

Charles and Annie Greer have a big monkey on their backs

80 On the Move

Sophia Loren has trouble with Arrivederci, Roma

82 People Puzzle

85 Out of the Pages

Erich Segal’s new hit means never having to say you’re broke

88 Chatter

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