By People Staff
March 21, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

16 Lookout

Horticulturist Jean Akers

Games inventor Glen Dash

22 Sequel

Tennis villain Pancho Gonzalez mellows out at 48

24 Up Front

After Tail Gunner Joe, Roy Cohn takes aim at NBC

Comedienne Totie Fields loses a leg but not her get-up-and-go

The latest Ali shuffles: new fiancée, new house, new career

Midge Costanza is Jimmy Carter’s private eye on public opinions

39 On the Move

Morarji Desai, 81, takes on India’s Indira Gandhi

40 Jocks

Golfer Laura Baugh is rich, sexy and tired of losing

42 Star Tracks

John Connally’s big little brother

Tawny Godin weds

Anita Loos celebrates

Randall and Scotto on the phone

Henry Moore’s new grandson

50 Off the Screen

Kung Fu’s top chop, David Carradine, is onto a new kick—stardom and married life

59 To the Top

Lenin never paid his bill, and other stories from Cigar King Zino Davidoff

62 In His Own Words

Détente with the U.S.? Fidel Castro says it’s up to the Yanquis

68 Out of the Pages

After writing the truth about Xaviera Hollander, Fanne Fox and Liz Ray, Yvonne Dunleavy turns to fiction

70 Couples

Talia and David Shire share a Rocky relationship

77 For a Song

Jethro Tull’s flutist Ian Anderson is rock’s one-man Pan

80 In Trouble

Bobby Fischer’s mom tries to check the British government

82 Host

Foxy Rose Marie Bogley serves up a Virginia hunt “breakfast”

86 Bio

A top tinseltown tribute goes to actress Bette Davis

95 Happy

Animal lover Sue Pressman saves that tiger

99 People Puzzle

101 Medics

Wartime hero Charles Schepens directs an attack on blindness

104 Chatter