March 14, 1977 12:00 PM

4 Mail

18 Lookout

22 Sequel

26 Up Front

Amy Carter’s nanny comes from the big house to a job at the White House

British PM Callaghan shares homey traits with President Carter

Suzy Parker launches a new model, daughter Georgia

King Olav throws a birthday party on skis

41 In Trouble

A San Francisco sheriff feels the long arm of the law

42 Couples

Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards trade psychic demons

50 Medics

Nobel laureate Baruch Blumberg does it all with style

55 Winners

John Newton, an ex-atheist, wrote Amazing Grace

57 In Her Own Words

Interviewer Oriana Fallaci talks about Oriana

64 For a Song

Tom Scholz masterminds rock’s bionic band: Boston

66 Happy

Joe Schleis’s ceiling is a beer lover’s dream

69 Jocks

David Thompson has Denver flying mile-high in the NBA

72 Star Tracks

78 Arts

Sculptor George Segal is still art’s master of plaster

82 People Puzzle

85 Adventure

Charlie Mullis hits it big in the chimney sweepstakes

86 In the Money

A Down Under GWTW brings a record $1.9 million

89 Off the Screen

Ned Beatty moves to the boardroom in Network

94 Bio

Zbigniew Brzezinski traded Columbia U. for one “eager student”—Jimmy Carter

103 Spirit

And Heber Peacock said, let there be the Good News Bible

108 In Style

Model Grace Jones lets the cat out of the bag: she sings

110 Chatter

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