August 16, 1976 12:00 PM

4 Mail

14 Up Front

Col. Jack Brennan is the ex-Marine who still stands by Nixon

Elton John digs rock and roller coasters

Some famous New Yorkers sing for their city

An American family rides out China’s killer earthquake

28 Party

Carol Burnett stages a black-tie white elephant sale

32 Lookout

Mammalogist Laurel Keller

Chef David Liederman

39 Teacher

Jimmy C. goes to the head of Lawrence Klein’s economics class

42 Arts

Musicians Pinchas and Eugenia Zukerman are a classical duo

49 Crime

A Pittsburgh shoot-out yields a lucky survivor

50 In His Own Words

Astronomer J. Allen Hynek talks about 700 UFOs the Air Force can’t explain

54 Star Tracks

Jackie at sea

Keith Moon and Alice Cooper

Mother Teresa

The Reagans paddle

Robert Shaw weds

58 Couples

Guess who’s sharing Tony Perkins’ shower? Berry Berenson and their sons Ozzie & Elvis

62 Host

Baseball star Rusty Staub makes a hit in the kitchen, too

66 People Puzzle

68 Split

Sen. Edward Brooke and his Italian wife, Remigia, say ciao

70 Jocks

Swimmer Diana Nyad aims to churn across the English Channel both ways

74 Bio

Stuffy historian? Not Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

81 Medics

Dr. Rosita Pildes keeps imperiled infants alive

85 Sequel

Actress Dolores Del Rio plays mother at a nursery she founded

86 Out of the Pages

Frank Herbert has completed his outer-space mission on Dune

88 Chatter

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