By People Staff
July 26, 1976 12:00 PM

4 Mail

10 Up Front

The cream of U.S. women athletes grab for Olympic gold

Baseball’s Marvin Miller scores one for the players

The 1976 Democratic Convention was one big party

23 Bio

Harry Selby is Africa’s greatest white hunter and one of its last

30 Star Tracks

Miss Universe 1976

Sinatra takes bride No. 4

Marlon Brando’s Indian affairs

Jazzman Eubie Blake

Evel Knievel and Lauren Hutton

35 Lookout

Nuclear reactor operator Roberta Kankus

Cartoonist Channing Lowe

36 Over the Tube

Funny, but bionic woman Lindsay Wagner doesn’t look anemic

40 Arts

Artist Bob Wade makes an earthwork map of the USA

42 Spirit

Rev. Don Williams works on The Omen and has the devil to pay

45 Adventure

Egypt’s ex-singer Waty is a silent hit—the world’s oldest mummy

46 In Style

Flowerman Jim Goslee III makes the White House fit for a Queen of England

48 Teacher

Stanford’s Carl Djerassi is the prof of the Pill

50 Couples

Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne’s marriage is an open book

54 People Puzzle

56 For a Song

Country-Western’s Don Williams is most at home on his range

58 Happy

To the Kennedys, sort of roughing it is a vacation

62 In Her Own Words

Author Gail Sheehy charts the passages and perils of growing into mid-life

66 Sequel

Maureen O’Hara now stars as a businesswoman in the Caribbean

69 On the Move

Sportscaster Jim McKay anchors away in Montreal

72 Chatter