December 06, 1976 12:00 PM

4 Mail

15 Sequel

Tim McCoy, 85, is the last of the old movie cowboys

Michi Weglyn remembers Pearl Harbor

20 Inventors

24 Lookout

30 Up Front

Jacqueline Picasso comes out of mourning to find she’s a multimillionaire

New Governor Carlos Romero Barceló wants statehood for Puerto Rico

Cindy Breakspeare weathers the hurly-burly of the Miss World contest

Marisa Berenson enjoys an all-star knot-tying

43 Crime

Donna Niehous waits, hoping to see her kidnapped husband again

49 Over the Tube

Charlie’s high-flying Angels are down-to-earth ladies

60 Jocks

Rodeo star Dean Oliver is a legend with a rope

62 For a Song

Everyone marches to the same drummer: Ralph MacDonald

68 In Style

Brigitte Bardot Ready to Wear Dresses is a product, not a headline

70 Star Tracks

Grandpa Pat Boone

Anti-smoker Linus Pauling

Omar Sharif in Cairo

Shirley MacLaine

Fran Tarkenton

John Denver in Nashville

78 In Her Own Words

After 34 years in Washington, Liz Carpenter heads for “Grassroots,” Texas

88 Couples

For Redken Labs’ John and Paula Meehan, big business makes good bedfellows

92 Off the Screen

Network’s Peter Finch turns Hollywood into his banana republic

96 Bio

Basketball star Bill Bradley wants to be a high scorer in politics

100 People Puzzle

106 Teacher

Sarah Short teaches nutrition with a lot of ginger

109 To the Top

Doris Tulcin is commander in chief of the war on cystic fibrosis

114 Out of the Pages

Morris West was a monastery-raised late starter

116 Chatter

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