October 25, 1976 12:00 PM

4 Mail

12 Sequel

Bridey Murphey

Saigon’s Mme. Ngai

22 Lookout

26 Up Front

Houston’s Joanne King Herring rules the party roost

Ex-Panther Eldridge Cleaver talks about his born-again Americanism

Gary Owens and his fellow Girners face off

Daniel Ellsberg is a rebel with many causes

41 Inventor

Princeton’s John Aristotle Phillips gets an A for his A-bomb

42 Arts

Flicka von Stade is an operatic jewel

51 Teacher

Ivan Van Sertima says Columbus got here 2,000 years too late

52 Couples

What did Tony Martin win from Howard Hughes? Cyd Charisse

56 Star Tracks

62 Out of the Pages

A romance with an older woman intrigued novelist Brian Moore

69 Kings

Mr. Ford, Mr. Carter: Meet William and Mary

70 Bio

The LP Stevie Wonder worked on two years hit No. 1 in a week

78 Happy

John Warner lands the Bicentennial prize—Liz Taylor

80 Spirit

Bishop Paul Moore comes to the aid of women and ailing cities

84 In Style

Nudie the rhinestone tailor overdresses the stars

86 In Her Own Words

A new study claims the sexual revolution is still on the way

92 Medics

Sioux medicine man Frank Fools Crow works the old magic

95 Party

Philadelphians hail a 72-year-old who is surviving Legionnaires’ disease

98 People Puzzle

101 Over the Tube

If Bernadette Peters is kicking Butz, it must be All’s Fair

104 Chatter

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