By People Staff
October 11, 1976 12:00 PM

4 Mail

23 Lookout

24 Up Front

Terrorist Carlos is the world’s most hunted killer

Rep. Andrew Young could become the top black in a Carter administration

Chris Evert’s little sister Clare is a swinger

NBC learns that parties can be such sweet sorrow

39 Over the Tube

Barbara Walters takes the gamble of her life

46 Medics

David Hartman becomes a doctor, even though he’s blind

51 Couples

Tom Waddell and Charles Deaton share a gay life

54 Spirit

George McLain fights taxes with mail-order religion

56 Star Tracks

Betty Ford, Jimmy Carter, Joe DiMaggio, the Fonz

62 In Her Own Words

Between her 41st film and a national tour, Katharine Hepburn lets go

70 In Style

Savitri Ahuja runs Washington’s most popular body shop

73 Host

Culinary king James Beard trims the fat—his

79 For a Song

Peter Frampton is rock’s white-hot $50 million baby

84 Out of the Pages

Sagan and Bardot collaborate on a book

86 Bio

Chuck Dederich has made Synanon synonymous with success

96 Teacher

Ted Kluszewski coaches the best hitters in baseball

102 Arts

Oshkosh ceramicist Paul Donhauser is Italy’s Number One

104 People Puzzle

107 Sequel

Ventriloquist Paul Winchell is a busy inventor

108 Split

Angie Dickinson & Burt Bacharach fall off their seesaw marriage

110 Chatter