October 04, 1976 12:00 PM

4 Mail

15 Inventors

Susan Huhn’s voting machine

Rolf Darbo’s outdoor grill

18 Lookout

Movie producer Ron Kauffman

Plane restorer Susan Dacy

24 Up Front

Grand Prix racer James Hunt wants to be king of the road

Ex-Nixon aide Steve Bull says forget the 18½-minute gap and Watergate

Nanda Devi Unsoeld loses her life on the mountain whose name she bore

Prime Minister John Vorster grapples with crisis in South Africa

39 Off the Screen

Woody Allen’s unfunny role is just another front

46 In His Own Words

Epidemiologist Brachman fights the Philly killer and swine flu

50 Star Tracks

Margaux looking up

Peter Boyle as Joe McCarthy

Haig fatigued

Moynihan victorious

Debbie Reynolds and son

58 Out of the Pages

With Blood and Money Tommy Thompson has found that real crime pays—$500,000 and up

62 For a Song

Kiki Dee arrives with a little help from her friend Elton John

64 Couples

Claude Chabrol’s leading lady is his wife, Stéphane Audran

68 Sequel

Jan Clayton, who used to look after Lassie, now aids alcoholics

73 Jocks

Minnesota’s Fran Tarkenton rewrites the record books

76 Over the Tube

A watched pot boils for Peter (Rich Man, Poor Man) Strauss

80 In Trouble

Richard Nixon’s Hong Kong date says it was a brief encounter

82 Bio

George and Joy Adamson decide they were born free too

91 On the Move

Cowboy Steve Ford hits the presidential campaign trail

94 People Puzzle

98 Medics

Psychiatrist William Triebel collects big on Medicaid

100 Chatter

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