August 19, 2002 12:00 PM

50 Cover

California kidnap victims Tamara Brooks and Jacqueline Marris—rescued by a new police alert system—tell the story of their nightmare ordeal

56 Up Front

Fledgling lovebirds Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rev up their romance with a P.D.A. in L.A.

58 Anna Kournikova,

Derek Jeter, Sergio Garcia and other sports stars find new partners in romance

63 Introducing

Dog Eat Dog host Brooke Burns lowers the boom on errant contestants while raising a young daughter

66 Stage

Stars like Anne Heche, Jimmy Smits and Julia Stiles are moonlighting in theater, but not all have been the toast of Broadway

68 Angels

For San Diego-area motorists in need, highway-man Thomas Weller proves a friend in deed

72 Scene

Arty music and hipster icons: must be the tour of New York City neighbors David Bowie and Moby

74 In the Spotlight

As the gentlest of American Idol‘s three judges, Paula Abdul saves her barbs for scowling fellow juror Simon Cowell

78 Inventors

When it comes to wet-and-wild, nobody designs rides like Jeff Henry, the Walt Disney of water parks

80 Song

A near-suicidal depression grounded R&B singer Tweet, but these days her career is soaring

83 Trouble

Clara Harris rammed her cheating husband with a Mercedes and then ran over him three times. She claims it was an accident

87 Screen

XXX action hero Vin Diesel boasts biceps and brains—but no, that’s not his real name

99 Tube

He went from anticop rapper to Law & Order: SVU detective, but Ice-T is still courting controversy

103 Cheers

College whiz kids Luke Meyers and Michelle Kelly concoct a freeze-dried beer

105 Arts

Richard Geer’s theater brings civic pride back to Union, S.C., where Susan Smith drowned her sons

109 Farewell

Actor Josh Ryan Evans—Passions‘ “living doll” Timmy—dies at 20 during a medical procedure

110 Entrepreneurs

With her hip Manhattan megastore, Dylan Lauren (Ralph’s daughter) fashions a place that candy lovers are calling home sweet home

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8 Star Tracks

17 Scoop

27 Picks & Pans

49 Insider

71 Passages

90 Puzzler

93 Style Watch

112 Chatter

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