September 23, 2002 12:00 PM

72 Up Front

Martha Stewart’s insider-trading scandal has already wrecked her social life. Now Congress ups the ante

74 As a stress epidemic strikes children nationwide, kids like Wendy Gregg are learning to fight back

78 Thanks to innovative therapy (and lots of hard work), paralyzed actor Christopher Reeve has, against all odds, regained some motor function

192 Royals

Prince Harry turns 18 and over a new leaf, knuckling down in school and vowing to work for his mother Diana’s charities

194 Party

While Jon Bon Jovi and Enrique Iglesias rock Times Square to kick off the NFL season, The Sopranos gang up for a premiere bash

198 Winners

Once shackled by poverty, the Ditmers of Dayton have been sprung by a Publisher’s Clearing House fortune

201 Angels

Opening her heart and her Los Angeles home, ex-con and former drug addict Susan Burton gives hope to women fresh out of prison

204 Song

In the Philly projects, people didn’t know Eve from Adam. Now she’s a force in hip-hop and Hollywood

207 Crime

Convicted after a controversial trial, Florida teens Derek and Alex King face 22 years to life behind bars for murdering their father

213 Jocks

Not even multiple sclerosis could keep Kelly Sutton from life in the fast lane—as a rookie race car driver

217 Controversy

Would-be adoptive parents Dawn and Rodger Schneider fight a Florida law that forces single moms to publicize their sexual history

221 Trouble

Experts investigate whether three men who died after eating game were infected by a mad cow-like disease

224 To the Top

The power of positive thinking—and a lot of wifely encouragement—pay off for tennis champ Pete Sampras, who netted a fifth U.S. Open title

229 Pages

Augusten Burroughs had a horror story of a childhood; now he has written a best-selling memoir about his youth—and it’s funny

232 Fame

How does an American Idol avoid winding up as American trivia? Some been-there, done-that advice for Kelly Clarkson from Tiffany and other stars

9 Mailbag

12 Online

14 Star Tracks

33 Scoop

45 Picks & Pans

71 Insider

191 Passages

226 Puzzler

234 Chatter


85 Introduction

86 Best Dressed

Whatever the occasion, count on these always stylish stars to get it right

132 Worst Dressed

Fashion’s big missteps—the silly, the scary and the nearly scandalous

160 Star Wars

Same look but a different take. See who won the skirmish of the scarf and other battles

175 Beauty

Haircuts of the year; nearly inseparable couples; and more

180 Judging Emmy

Attendees were told to keep their finery low-key. Some hit the right note; some fell flat

182 Birds of a Feather

Kirsten Dunst and others know: Stars who hang with a pal often end up dressing like her

185 8 Shocking Moments of the Year

Bizarre fashion phenomena of the celeb world

188 Costume Party

Jennifer Lopez, Jane Seymour and others left home looking like they were performing at an event, not attending one

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