By People Staff
February 11, 2002 12:00 PM

48 Up Front

Wanting to experience a piece of history for themselves, visitors flood the viewing platform overlooking Ground Zero

54 Philly attorney Kim Delaney runs afoul of the law when she’s arrested on suspicion of DUI

56 Wake the kids! David Letterman’s 20th anniversary in late night yields a Top 10 list of sublimely ridiculous moments

63 Controversy

Olympic figure skaters get the word: no more dirty dancing

66 Tube

Reba’s Jo Anna Garcia has had some racy roles. Now she settles down (sort of) as a soon-to-be teen mom

68 Sequel

The estranged wife of recently slain financier Ted Ammon moves back to their English estate—as a newlywed

71 Crusaders

The Islamic-style dress code for American service-women in Saudi Arabia takes heavy fire from one fighter pilot, U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Martha McSally

77 Olympics 2002

A car crash near Lake Placid, N.Y., kills ex-Olympian Jack Shea just weeks before he was due to watch his grandson Jimmy Shea Jr. compete at the Winter Games in Salt Lake City

81 Arrested

Noelle Bush, the President’s 24-year-old niece and the daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, gets busted trying to fill a phony prescription for the sedative Xanax at a drugstore drive-thru window

84 Success Story

Mary Norton’s floral Moo Roo handbags help keep celebs like Camryn Manheim and Andie MacDowell looking garden fresh

88 Cover

Six women and one man lose a total of 825 lbs. the old-fashioned way: with a sensible diet and a regular exercise routine

101 Where Are They Now?

Wil Wheaton boldly goes where no other ex-Star Trek: The Next Generation actor has gone before: improv comedy

111 Helping Hands

Once a top-secret CIA disguisemaker, Robert Barron now helps people with physical deformities face the world

117 To the Top

Building-contractor-turned-radio-and-TV-commen-tator Sean Hannity just might talk his way into being the next Limbaugh

123 Tragedy

The Enron collapse claims another victim, former executive Cliff Baxter, whose death in a Houston suburb has been ruled a suicide

127 Royals

As dutiful—and, some would say, as distant—as always, Queen Elizabeth marks the 50th anniversary of her ascension to the British throne

134 Song

With her CD Laundry Service, Shakira cleans up on the charts

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